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Why is Joyor different from others?

A few years ago, Joyor introduced its electric scooters to the market, opting for the creation of a unique experience for each user. Over time, Joyor Electric Scooter has been conquering other countries not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world, sharing and “infecting” users with its joy.

Joyor A3

In a short time, many brands of electric scooters have appeared on the market, each of which offers different benefits to its customers.

Even so, they all have different concepts, missions, values, and philosophies that they apply in their communication and work with the users.


Joyor's main mission is to provide solutions for both society and the environment, offering an innovative, economical, sustainable, and, above all, fun product.

Joyor electric scooters are fast, resistant, solid, safe, and easy to drive and transport.

Not only the technical features but also the values ​​of Joyor Electric Scooter make it so unique and different from the others.

The fun and freedom provided by the use of Joyor electric scooters, allows you to create many positive emotions when travelling. In addition, the ease with which it is driven, allows you to reach any place quickly and easily since traffic jams are no longer a problem.

Joyor electric scooters come in different models and with an innovative design that makes them light and compact means of transport, therefore they are easy to transport and store.

On the other hand, each of the scooters consists of high performance and quality that you can get in exchange for an economical price, thus converting the scooter into an affordable and very cost-effective means of transportation.

Technical Characteristics

Joyor has Electric Scooter has always thought of its customers and more specifically the variety in terms of models, with the aim of offering electric scooters adapted to any type of needs and requirements.

  • Model H1 - Joyor H1 model comes in several colours and is highly recommended for users under 16 due to its lightweight and small size, which makes it easy to handle and transport.
  • X Series models - Joyor X1 and Joyor X5S models are the perfect choice for a smooth and comfortable ride. The wheels of the models in this series are bigger, and they absorb more easily the irregularities on the road. In addition, the bigger size of the wheels is one of the factors that guarantee more safety and minimize the possibility of falling when travelling.
  • Y Series models - Joyor Y5S and Joyor Y10 models are solid and designed for longer trips due to the battery capacity and, respectively, they achieve a bigger distance range.
  • F Series models - Joyor F1, Joyor F3, Joyor F5+ and Joyor F5S+ models are lightweight but much more resistant than the Joyor H1 model. Its design, and especially the size of the wheels, makes them more compact and faster. They are the ideal companion for the daily activities.
  • A Series models - Joyor A3 and Joyor A5 models are electric scooters with innovative design and impeccable appearance. Its colours, side lights and the possibility of adding an extra battery for a bigger distance range, demonstrate the excellence in their unique design.

These models are an excellent example of diversity in terms of technical characteristics, and their adaptability to the requirements, preferences, and needs of the users.


With numerous electric scooters on the market, Joyor Electric Scooter has not only thought and designed several models to distinguish and satisfy any requirement, but has also found a way to further differentiate its models and make users feel truly unique.

Several models of Joyor Electric Scooters, such as those in the A-Series, can be customized and adjusted according to users´ preferences.

The Bluetooth connection, the colours of the ambient lights, and the added chair are some of the technical properties that can be modified in order to create an exclusive model and offer a truly exceptional experience.

Joyor Electric Scooter is the company that drives the new electric mobility concept in Europe by bringing to the market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor is an electric and foldable scooter designed for personal transportation and leisure. Fast, durable, solid, safe and easy to ride, Joyor is designed in the Netherlands. With Joyor Scooter you can enjoy revolutionary transport made to offer a unique experience at an irresistible price.

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