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Joyor Electric Scooter


Joyor F5S+

SKU: F5S black / F5S white

Joyor Electric Scooter F5S+ has front suspension and front and rear lights powered by the LCD display. Joyor Electric Scooter F5S+ is powered by 500W motor and has a distance range of 50km on one full charge.



Joyor F5S+

Joyor F5S+ electric scooter is very powerful and light. Electric scooter Joyor F5S+ is powered by a 500W motor, has a distance range of 50 km on one full charge and it has a weight of 16 kg. New electric foldable scooter Joyor F5S+ has not only front suspension but also double rear suspension. Electric scooter Joyor F5S+ also has front and rear lights powered by the LCD display. This electric scooter reaches 25km/h (max speed recommended by most European regulations).


Model F5+ & F5S+: Compact comfort

The F5+ and F5S+ models are an improvement in terms of comfort while driving to his brothers. The combination of the usual front suspension with a double rear makes journeys on rough asphalt or with some irregularities become more comfortable.

Like in every other family, they share traits with the rest of the members: the design compactness and low weight make it suitable for journeys combined with other types of transport and compatible with reduced storage space. 

At the same time both have their own personality: the F5+ likes long trips and with no slopes, where it really distinguishes itself. On the other hand, the F5S+ likes to go up and down the hills with ease no matter if it carries a small or a larger user thanks to its motor. 

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Main features Joyor F5S+

Hill climbing ability The F5S+ is ideal for trips with inclination. With a motor of 500W it will facilitate the uphill riding in more than one street.

Suspension Double front and rear suspension that absorb road vibrations for comfort while driving.

Range Ideal for people who use a scooter daily. With more than 45 km per charge! 

Compact Design It folds easily, has medium weight and is easy to carry even inside different means of transport. 

About Joyor Electric Scooter F5S+

Power 500W
Standard Load Capacity 120kg
Material Aluminum alloy
Speed 25km/h (limited)
Folded Dimension 880x180x360mm
Weight 16kg
Range 55km
Brakes 1 Brake
Standing Board Size 16cm
Voltage 48V
Battery 13.0Ah
Colour Black/White
Battery Lithium ion
Tire Size  8” air front tire/solid rear tyre
Dashboard Multifunction LCD Dashboard
F-Series, 500 W, 48 V, Medium Range, Air & Solid, Medium weight, Intermediate level, Commute