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How to keep your Joyor scooter clean?

How to keep your Joyor scooter clean?

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Surely your electric scooter has become your best friend for daily transport and you have surely seen how, day after day, it accumulates dust, mud and even small stones that could damage your electric scooter.

But how to clean an electric scooter correctly, safely and without any danger to the scooter? Keep reading this article because at Joyor we take care to keep you informed of the care you should take.

If you want your scooter to look as good as new, we recommend that you wipe the dirty areas of the scooter with a damp microfibre cloth after each day's use. Remember to avoid excessive use of water and also take care not to damage the electrical parts of the scooter.

It is important to remove dust from your scooter, as this can clog the rotating parts and cause poor contact of the electrical parts. Therefore, to avoid dust, we recommend that you store your scooter in a clean, dry place.

When cleaning your electric scooter, protect the battery

One of the most delicate parts of the scooters are the batteries, when cleaning it try to protect this part and you will avoid problems. Remember that it is a fundamental part of your means of transport.

To take care of this part, do not throw a lot of water on your scooter, it is better to use a damp cloth.

If your scooter has an external battery, you should take care of this area to avoid problems and if it is removable, we recommend removing it when cleaning.

Do not use chemicals to clean your electric scooter

We know you want to keep your scooter as clean as possible and keep it looking as good as new, but by no means use chemicals to clean it. Stop using bleach, alcohol, soap and chemicals.

Chemicals can damage the paintwork of your scooter and even damage the bodywork. In addition, there are products that can cause serious damage if they come into contact with the electrical parts of your scooter.

In the case of tyres, if you use any of these products, some residue may remain and, in the first moments of riding your scooter, the wheels may become slippery and could cause the scooter to lose its stability.

For all the above reasons, we recommend the use of water only, as described and taught above.

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  • The blog was quite informative and simple to follow; I hope you continue to add blogs.

    - Akansha

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