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What are the differences between air and solid tyre on an electric scooter?

What are the differences between air and solid tyre on an electric sco

One of the main elements of a scooter is its wheels and when defining which one you want for you, we recommend you to be very clear about the differences between an air wheel and a solid wheel. It is not that one is better than the other, but it all depends on your tastes, your routes, and the use you will give to your scooter.
To start looking at the differences between the two tyres, you must first be clear about the definition of the two options available for electric scooters.
Air tyres: In this category, there are two types of tyres: tubed and tubeless. The main difference between these two types is that tubeless tyres do not have an inflatable rubber tube inside the tyre casing.
In the case of Joyor models, they all have a tube, which makes them easier to re-inflate the tyres.
Solid tyres: The tyre casing is supported internally by solid rubber rings that are spread around the rim, allowing limited flexing of the material that acts as a shock absorber.
Knowing the definition of both concepts, we can start to see the differences between both wheels and also know the advantages, so you know which type to choose for your scooter.

Advantages of air-filled tyre:

Air-filled tyres produce better ride quality, i.e., they generate better grip and cushioning. Being inflated with air makes them better able to cope with bumps or irregularities that may occur on the road.
Another benefit of air-filled tyres is their low rolling resistance, which is due to the reduction of the mass that rotates around the edge of the wheel. What this advantage does in simple terms is to reduce the effort the motor makes to move forward, so the battery should also last longer.
Air tyres are much easier to fit and remove than solid wheels. This is due to the flexibility of the wheel casing once the inner tube has been deflated.
Also, an advantage of this type of tyre is that the air tyre pressure can be adjusted, which helps to generate more traction on softer surfaces or in wet conditions.
With the advancement of technology, some puncture prevention liquids have been created, which can be put into the air tyres, this liquid is inserted into the air cavity and creates a layer that helps to protect your wheels from punctures.

Which Joyor models have air wheels?

Joyor X Series Tyre

Advantages of solid:

The main advantage that solid tyres have is their puncture resistance, being made of a stronger material these tyres have a low chance of being punctured.
Another advantage of solid tyres is their maintenance, as they wear out more slowly and as we mentioned before they are more resistant to punctures, so changing these tyres is not so frequent.

Which Joyor models have solid wheels?

Joyor A Series Tyre

Air and solid tyre:

At Joyor we have some models that have both air and solid tyres, so they combine the advantages of both wheels and can be a good alternative for some.

Which Joyor models have air and solid wheels?

Joyor F Series Tyre

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