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Some tips to get the best ride on your electric scooter

Some tips to get the best ride on your electric scooter

If you use a scooter to move around on a daily basis, you probably already know how to move and act on it. But you may not be aware of some of the tips we will give you in this article or if you are new to electric scooters, don't miss the following paragraphs.

Speed, what is allowed and what is not allowed and much more you can discover in this article of Joyor where we give you the first tips when you take your scooter and go around the city.

1. Only one person on the scooter

Be aware that the electric scooter is a personal means of transport and you are not allowed to ride it together with another person. Avoid getting a fine and do not take someone else with you on the scooter.

2. Maximum speed

All our scooters reach the maximum speed allowed in most parts of Europe, i.e. 25 km/h. You should not exceed this speed to avoid problems.

3. Drive in the permitted lanes

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the electric scooter is not a toy and you should be very clear about this. In addition, in most cities there are limited lanes for scooters, we invite you to find out what they are in your city.

4. Don't forget your helmet

Don't forget to always take your helmet with you when you leave home, so that you will take care of yourself in case of an accident and you will also avoid a good fine. We invite you to check the helmets we have for sale on our website.

5. Know where to park

In most cases Joyor scooters can go with you even inside a house, as they can be locked with a click of a button and are compact enough to be stored in any space.

If you can't take the scooter with you, make sure you have a good quality padlock so that the scooter stays in the same place when you leave. Please note that it is forbidden to use street furniture to attach electric scooters.

6. Save the headphones for another time

Music or podcasts are good entertainment, but they should not be when riding a scooter, especially if you don't want to get a fine. Remember that using headphones while riding an electric scooter is prohibited.

7. Watch out for pedestrians

When driving on the roads you have to be alert to all the actors that may appear, be they cars, animals or even pedestrians. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable parts of the traffic, so special care must be taken.

8. Don't forget the light at night

When driving at night, don't forget to turn ON the light of your scooter to be able to drive more safely and above all so that others can see you.

These are some of the tips that Joyor gives you so that you can have a good driving with your electric scooter and so the experience will be much better.

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