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pros of electric scooter

Pros of electric scooters

As expected, the electric scooter’s market changed after the Pandemic, as also mobility in general. We got to experience a world that wanted to be more distant and therefore instead of moving in big groups, people looked for other options such as micro-mobility.

The thing with micro-mobility is that it is very convenient and accessible, especially in big cities where there is limited space.

About the many reasons why people got convinced (and you can be too):

  • Since being friendly to the environment is a necessity, moving with an electric scooter has shown to be considerably cleaner compared to gas vehicles.
  • Electric scooters are designed to be portable and of course, depending on the use they could be lighter or heavier. So, it’s up to each person to decide which one fits them the best.
  • E-scooters are one of the fastest ways to move inside city. This are designed with different speed capacities depending on the use that people can give them, so the speed can be up to 40/50 km/h but it’s been restricted to 25 km/h in many countries now. All Joyor scooters are now limited to this speed. Even though people don’t need a license to ride an electric scooter, it’s important to check every country’s regulations regarding safety.
  • The cost efficiency of micro-mobility vehicles is very convenient due to the low energy consumption.
  • People can not only use electric scooters for necessity but also as a fun way to move because of the freedom that is proven.

Before buying keep in mind that one of the most important factors before buying an electric scooter (or any vehicle) is to know the maintenance it would need and if the brand can provide spare parts and workshops for any topic. Fortunately, Joyor offers not only spare parts available for all models we have in the market but also qualified workshops to take care of the electric scooters.

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