Best-selling electric scooters in 2023

Best-selling electric scooters in 2023

In the last two years, the fervour for electric scooters has conquered Europe with impressive speed. According to official figures from the Spanish Federation of Personal Mobility Vehicles (FEVMP), the country has seen a staggering 64% increase in demand for these devices, significantly outstripping the European average. Despite a 19% increase in price during this period, electric scooters continue to be more affordable in Spain than in many other countries on the continent.

Currently, it is estimated that there are around 700,000 electric scooters in circulation in Spain. However, with the rapid pace at which they are being adopted, it would not be surprising if they soon reach the one million mark in the country.

The electric scooter boom is not just a fad; it is transforming the way we move around cities. In order to provide a clearer picture of this growing phenomenon, it is essential to understand which models are leading the market.

In 2023, several electric scooter models stood out for their popularity and performance in the Spanish market. These models offer an efficient and environmentally friendly transport alternative.

In the following, we will analyse some of the best-selling Joyor electric scooters in Europe over the past year, providing a detailed overview of their features.

Joyor F3 Electric Scooter

patinete electrico joyor f3. Joyor f3 electric scooter


At just 13.5 kg, the Joyor F3 is among the lightest and most compact electric scooters, ensuring easy everyday transportation. It is ideal for intensive urban and commuter use. It has a range of up to 40 km on a single charge.

It is designed for urban commuting. Its 350 W brushless DC motor makes it perfect for women who are new to urban mobility.

It has an 8" front air tyre which, combined with the front suspension, gives you a smoother ride. In addition to this configuration, there is a practical solid rear tyre, designed to eliminate the worry of punctures and ensure a safe and reliable ride.

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Joyor GS5 Electric Scooter


The Joyor GS5 is a robust, durable and powerful electric scooter. Designed to satisfy users looking for comfortable, stable and smooth long-distance travel.

With the robust 500W gearless and brushless motor, the scooter has been designed for both flat and sloping terrain. Its power will get you up hills at full speed.

Its range of up to 50 KM on a single charge will allow you to commute between various points in the city without worries or go to and from work every day by charging it once for 2 to 3 days (depending on the distance between point a -b).

With the advanced cruise control you can set your desired speed and let the scooter maintain it allowing you to relax and enjoy your ride without having to constantly adjust the throttle.

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Joyor S5 Electric Scooter

patinete electrico joyor s5. Electric scooter joyor s5.


Speed, efficiency and adrenaline all in one with the Joyor S5. This electric scooter for urban or mountain use will take your electric mobility experience to a whole new level.

It provides an ample range of 40 to 55 km, whether it's for daily commuting or leisurely weekend rides. Plus, with its 600W of power, you'll fly up hills. The front and rear double wishbone-equipped front and rear suspension combines perfectly with the 10 "x3" high performance tyres, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

It also features front and rear disc brakes, aluminium alloy frame, modern lines, advanced cruise control, front, rear and side lights - a true all-rounder!

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In short, the fervour for electric scooters is at its peak across Europe, and Spain is no exception. With a noticeable increase in demand and a diverse range of models on offer, the choice of purchasing an electric scooter is becoming increasingly tempting.

Whether you are looking for a light and compact model like the Joyor F3 for your daily urban commute, or you prefer the power and durability of the Joyor GS5 for long distance travel, or even if you want the thrill of a more extreme ride with the Joyor S5, there is a Joyor electric scooter to suit your needs.

Electric mobility is not only a trend, but a transformation in the way we move around cities, offering an efficient and eco-friendly alternative - don't wait any longer to join the movement and get your own Joyor electric scooter today!

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