patinete electrico mas potente del mercado 2024

Joyor LuxeRider, the most powerful electric scooter 2024


Discover Joyor's New Most Powerful

Electric Scooter of 2024


In recent years, Europe has witnessed a remarkable change in the way we get around. From the bustling streets of Berlin to the picturesque avenues of Paris, electric scooters have taken European cities by storm, offering a fast, environmentally friendly and convenient transport alternative. But what has driven this growing interest? The benefits are numerous: time savings, reduced carbon footprint, less road congestion and, above all, an exciting way to travel short and medium distances.

In this context, Joyor has taken the electric scooter experience to a new level with the launch of the Joyor LuxeRider. This scooter not only promises efficient urban and off-road mobility, but also offers a luxurious, high-performance riding experience that redefines what an electric scooter can be.


Ready to discover the jewel in Joyor's crown? Join us and be amazed by the power and luxury of the new Joyor LuxeRider.



Unrivalled Power and Unmatched Performance


The Joyor LuxeRider not only breaks the traditional barriers of urban mobility, but also redefines the pleasure of off-road riding by offering you an electrifying experience thanks to its two powerful 1200W motors giving you a maximum power of 3200W.

Are you ready to transform the way you move with the most powerful scooter ever created by Joyor? Continue reading...

Urban and Off-Road Versatility


One of the most outstanding features of the Joyor LuxeRider is its ability to adapt to different environments. Whether in urban or off-road environments, this scooter performs with excellence.

With a top speed ranging from 55 to 62 km/h, you can cruise through cityscapes adding an extra level of excitement to your rides. Imagine gliding through the streets of Amsterdam at 20km/h or exploring the country roads of the Italian countryside at full speed with the same ease and comfort.

Imagine embarking on extended adventures without worrying about the battery. With the Joyor LuxeRider, this is a reality.

Unlimited Range and Smooth Handling


Its impressive 55-60km range allows you to explore the city and beyond, confident that you won't run out of power. The high-capacity 52V 21Ah rechargeable lithium battery provides a reliable and long-lasting power source, giving you the freedom to move without interruption. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of Rome or venturing through the scenic trails of the Pyrenees, the Joyor LuxeRider is ready to accompany you every mile.

But the range isn't the only thing that's impressive. The 10" x 3" air tyres ensure a smooth and stable ride, adapting to any surface with ease and combined with a dual suspension system, both front and rear, every ride becomes a luxurious experience.

The suspension system absorbs shocks, ensuring exceptional comfort no matter what the terrain. With the Joyor LuxeRider All Terrain Electric Scooter, every ride is an opportunity to enjoy a fast, smooth and luxurious ride, wherever you go.


On a continent where the diversity of terrain is so vast, all-terrain electric scooters are proving to be the perfect choice for those seeking freedom, flexibility and a touch of adrenaline in their everyday lives. Imagine moving through the steep hills of Lisbon or traversing the forest trails of the Black Forest in Germany with the same ease and elegance.
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