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Joyor electric scooters for people weighing over 100 kilos

Joyor electric scooters for people weighing over 100 kilos

Electric scooters are taking over the streets more and more every day and facilitate the transport of thousands of people around the world, but as we have already told you there are different models and each one adapts to your needs. In this article we are going to show you which Joyor models are best suited to people weighing more than 100 kilos.

If you weigh more than 100 kilos and you think that there is no electric scooter that fits you, you are wrong. At Joyor all our scooters can carry up to 120 kg and we have at least four models that can be especially useful for you.

Scooter for people who weigh more than 100 kilos and do routes with few climbs

The X5S model is a good alternative if you are looking for an electric scooter to be your next means of transport. This model has a 500W motor and its range is between 40 and 50 kilometres.

In addition, this scooter has air wheels, which makes the ride much more comfortable and friendly. Its tyres have a size of 10 inches.

The weight of this scooter is 15 kilos, which makes it much easier to transport when folded. This model can carry up to 120 kilos.

If you opt for the X5S you should bear in mind that it is advisable to use it on flat terrain for better performance or if you have to climb hills it is advisable that they are few and not particularly steep. But, if your route has more climbs, keep reading this article as we have other models that will work much better for you.

X Series X1 X5S Black Side Scooter Joyor
X5S model

Other scooter alternatives for people weighing more than 100 kilos

At Joyor we not only have the X5S model for people weighing over 100 kilos, but also the GS9, S5 and S10-S models, which have different features.

Model GS9: It has a 600W brushless and gearless motor. In addition, it has a range between 60 and 75 kilometres and weighs 20.6 kg. The Joyor GS9 model has 8.5 inch wheels, the front one being air and the rear one solid and has a double front & rear suspension, the latter of which helps in smooth riding.

Like the model presented above, the GS9 supports a maximum weight of 120 kilos, which can be a good alternative for most people, and this model can climb steeper slopes than the X5S can.

Model S5: This is one of Joyor's latest models and is considered an all-terrain electric scooter, with a 600W motor and double suspension both front and rear.

Its range is between 40 and 55 kilometres with air tyres and a wheel size of 10 inches in diameter and slightly wider tread than most conventional models.

This model can climb slopes with an incline of 20 degrees, which is very useful if you have to face a road with a lot of uphill slopes in your daily commute. In addition, it can withstand a maximum capacity of 120 kilos and the weight of the scooter is 22.1 kg.

Model S10-S: This is also an all-terrain model and ideal for the mountains. It is the Joyor model with the most powerful motor, as it has two motors, each with a power of 1,000W!

It is an ideal model for big climbs and has dual front and rear suspension, dual hydraulic disc brakes and a generous range of between 70 and 85 kilometres.

Like the previous model, its wheels are 10 inches and both contain air. The weight of this scooter is 27.1 kg.

As you know, at Joyor we have different models at different prices to suit both your needs and your pocket. This way no one is left out of PopMobility.

GS Series GS5 GS9 Black Front Joyor Scooter
Model GS9

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