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How to take good care of your electric scooter?

When getting an electric scooter, many users forget and stop maintaining and paying the necessary attention.

Joyor Electric Scooter Model A3/A5

In order to function well and continue accompanying you anywhere, the electric scooter must be taken care of frequently and maintained in a good condition. Users should follow certain rules regarding its charging, cleaning, and storing.


Most users think that discharging completely the electric scooter and recharging it from scratch is a good way to maintain the battery, but this is a very common mistake. To keep the electric scooter in a good condition, the battery should never be left discharged in less than 10%, and it is recommended to be charged at least 50% when travelling to ensure better performance.

It is very important that you be attentive when charging your electric scooter. The batteries can overload and overheat (causing a fire) if they are charged during the whole night, therefore it is imperative that you monitor and be aware of the entire charging process.

On the other hand, to ensure a longer life for your battery and to minimize and neutralize the risks of damage or malfunction, you should always use the original charger.

To facilitate the charging process, the charger has red and green lights that indicate when the battery is charged. When the light turns green, the scooter can be unplugged and left in a dry and ventilated environment.


However comfortable and useful the electric scooter is, depending on the season and the weather conditions, there are days when it cannot be used. On rainy or snowy days, it is recommended that you do not use the electric scooter to avoid risks and possible accidents.

It is important that you do not leave the electric scooter in direct sunlight or at temperatures below 0°. Humidity can also affect the scooter and, more specifically, the different spare parts. To avoid damaging the scooter, you should park it and store it in a dry environment. When parking it for a longer period, you should charge it every 30 days to maintain the capacity of the battery.


The cleaning of the electric scooter is another important factor of its maintenance that can affect its performance.

When cleaning the electric scooter, you should not use running water to avoid damaging the spare parts, since they are not resistant to water. The same refers to the rain. By exposing the electric scooter to the rain, there is the possibility of affecting and damaging the spare parts.

To be able to clean it easily, you can use a damp cloth and always cover the charging port.

It is likely that at some point you will find some scratch or some stain that is difficult to remove. You should not use chemical and volatile solvents because they can damage the internal structure of the electric scooter and its appearance.

If you want to give your electric scooter a long lifespan and continue enjoying your trips, you must apply these tips and take care of them in an optimal and efficient way. In the beginning, these rules seem exaggerated and difficult to follow, but once you create your routine, it becomes easy and productive. The electric scooter needs you to pay special attention and take time to put it in a good condition so that it could be an active part of your life.

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