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Electric Unicycles vs. Electric Scooters: Which Suits You Better?

The increase in the trend of electric vehicles is the reason for the appearance of many models and designs. Vehicles like electric scooters and electric bikes are already a common thing in many cities around the world. As more and more people are looking towards a sustainable means of transportation, more diversity is showing up on the market. The electric unicycle is also a part of the electric movement, standing out by its minimalist design.

This one-wheel electric vehicle is famous for its carefree way of driving. Many users prefer them because of the lack of handlebars needed to manoeuvre. In order to help you find the best alternative for your daily commutes, we will compare some basic features of these two electric vehicles.

As we mentioned before, the design of these two electric vehicles plays an important role when referring to the riding experience.

Electric scooters can be described as stable and secure vehicles due to the design and the handlebars, which make the manoeuvring much easier. On the other hand, the riders of electric unicycles should count on a good balance, leaning forward and backwards to accelerate or decelerate. Even though the technical features of the electric unicycles are the same as the ones of other electric vehicles (they dispose of electric motor, controller, and battery), they require more practice and attention while driving. Comparing them to other electric vehicles like the electric scooters, the lack of handlebars and good stability could be considered quite dangerous. It may cause many injuries and accidents for the drivers themselves, as well as for pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

The riding experience and the safety are closely related when referring to both types of electric vehicles. The big chassis, the handlebars and the two wheels of the electric scooters are a guarantee for a stable and safe ride. Of course, high attention must be paid independently to the vehicle you are riding in order to prevent any unexpected irregularities or changes on the road. However, the more control on the vehicle and the more developed brake system is a particular advantage of the electric scooter.

Braking with an electric unicycle is definitely more complicated and requires more attention and effort. In order to break with a unicycle, the rider must lean back, starting a slow process of deceleration.

Regarding the means of transportation, the price is always an important factor. The cost of both types of vehicles is quite individual and depends on the model, its design and its technical characteristics. However, if you decide to invert a bigger amount of money for the purchase of an electric vehicle, it will always be better for it to include more features and advantages.

Considering all aspects mentioned above, you should be able to decide which type of electric vehicle suits you best according to your personal needs and daily activities. Factors such as storage and cleaning must also be kept in mind. Being smaller, electric unicycles require less time and space to be taken care of. Even so, if you are counting on safe, reliable and comfortable rides, the electric scooter is the best option for you.

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