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Electric Scooter Motor & Controller: Maintenance Tips

The accurate performance of the electric scooter is one of the biggest concerns of all users. For the effective function of the electric scooter, maintenance of some key spare parts must be done regularly.

joyor electric scooter G series

First, we should clarify what the functions of the motor and the controller are.

  • Motor: is the spare part that ensures the movement of the electric scooter. It is powered by the energy generated by the battery.
  • Controller: controls the power of the energy that passes to the motor from the battery.


Being one of the main parts of the electric scooter, the motor requires some attention in terms of operation and technical conditions.

It is important to know what type of motor your scooter has, in order to apply the proper maintenance. All Joyor electric scooters have a brushless motor. These types of motors are lighter and more energy-efficient.
On the other hand, all the components of the electric scooter and its parameters must be controlled during its use. By using the rest of the spare parts beyond the recommended parameters, you will cause negative effects to the motor, such as insufficient energy, little current, etc., and respectively, to the lifespan of the scooter.

Tips for proper motor maintenance:

  • check the connections regularly - insufficient power will affect the conditions of the motor and the performance of the electric scooter.
  • avoid humidity and direct contact with water - the last thing you want is to cause corrosion and even less a short circuit.
  • regular cleaning - to keep the engine in optimal condition, it is important to clean it frequently. Never using running water.
  • have a professional examination - no matter how much you want to repair your scooter on your own, a mechanic will always have a couple of tricks up his sleeve to put your vehicle back on track.


The good condition of the controller is the key to the proper functioning of the motor. By regulating the power of the energy supplied by the battery, the controller moderates the current and allows the engine to operate optimally.

Tips for proper maintenance of the controller:

All controllers are programmed to operate within certain parameters. Forcing the electric scooter or riding it differently than the recommended one (exceeding the recommended weight, jumping, going up hills with steep inclines), you could easily damage the controller, since it would be being used beyond the parameters, transforming bigger energy without being able to supply it correctly to the motor.
These basic tips will help you optimize the performance of your electric scooter and, above all, extend its lifespan. With a lot of attention and little effort, in a short time, you can achieve huge results and avoid many headaches.

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