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Electric Scooter Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide on How to Maintain Yo

Did you notice some problems recently while you were riding your electric scooter? If yes, you need these electric scooter maintenance tips!

Even though you bought your scooter six months ago, you feel that its performance is slightly lower, and you can’t get rid of the thoughts of how it will perform one year from now? In order to keep your electric scooter in good condition, you have to make sure it has the right maintenance. Voltage Rider has prepared this article including some tips which you can follow, in order to maintain your scooter properly.

Why Is Important To Do Regular Electric Scooter Maintenance?

Regular maintenance reduces the probability of major problems and automatically increases the efficiency of your electric scooter.

What does it mean? It means that you can rely on your scooter at any time.

The concept is simple—everything comes down to these two options:

Preventative maintenance:

  • You became more familiar with your electric scooter
  • Almost eliminates fatal hazards
  • Keeps electric scooter more reliable
  • Keeps you safe
  • Reduces repair costs
  • You can do it by yourself
  • Riding experience is much more enjoyable

Corrective maintenance:

  • Waiting for the disaster to happen
  • Higher costs
  • You are in danger
  • Other traffic participants are in danger
  • More often it requires professional help
  • Poor riding experience
  • Unavailability to ride it at least 1/3 days during the period of repair (generates costs for a car, cab, etc.)

The first option is about leaving as little space as possible for breakdowns. Through regular electric scooter maintenance, we have a chance to notice some smaller problems, predict failures, and prevent potential hazards.

That can be easy, fun, and really useful at the same time. These steps should be everyone’s golden rules.

The second option is easier—but it leaves us with a bigger problem in the long run. This kind of philosophy creates malfunction more often, and then we must fix the issue.

It creates higher expenses because of the need for new parts or/and the need for professional help.

Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips

A professional mechanic is not a boogeyman (at least on most occasions), and we don’t want to tell you that you should run from him. However, there is a lot of stuff you can do by yourself in order to postpone the visit to the mechanic until some more significant problems appear.

Before you pick up the hammer, there is something you should know about maintenance—that’s not just about maintaining your scooter, it's about learning and connecting with the ride itself.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Charge it regularly
  • Keep it clean
  • Avoid riding in the rain
  • Check the spare parts
  • Check bolts

How to Maintain Electric Scooter Tyres

Tyre pressure

Firstly, the right pressure is essential if you want to optimize your riding style and technique. I like to go as fast as I can, and as far as I can, so I need to inflate the tyres as much as the manufacturer allows, right? Not really.

Check your tyre recommended pressure, never exceed max pressure allowed by the manufacturer.

Lower pressure than recommended, consequences:

  • your speed is lower
  • greater danger of damaging a rim
  • less rolling resistance
  • your battery runs out faster
  • inconsistent tyre spending

While higher pressure increases probability:

  • of the burst while you riding
  • the ride will be extremely uncomfortable
  • turning is less safe
  • inconsistent tyre spending

How to Maintain Electric Scooter Batteries

Besides your engine and wheels, an essential part of your electric scooter is the battery (Check this article for more information about the maintenance of the battery). When you replace it, watch out not to be talked into buying a more powerful one than your previous one.

Every battery, not just these for electric scooters, has some amount of cycles that represents their life. Some have 300, some 1000—some have more, some have less.

The main thing is to make sure that we know how to deal with the battery, to use its full potential properly. If we don’t take the following steps, we are throwing away a certain percentage of those charging cycles.

You can prolong the life of your electric scooter battery if you apply these golden rules:

  1. Keep it in places with temperature above 0 degrees
  2. You have to be sure that the charger is the original one, and it is set up for your battery’s voltage
  3. When the battery is full, unplug it
  4. Charge it after it cools down (don’t start charging it directly after ride)
  5. Don’t let your battery run out entirely
  6. If that happens, put it for charging as fast as you can (after cooling down)
  7. If you don’t use your scooter for some extended period, put in a battery tender charger. (It charges the battery to full and then controls the charging process by not letting the battery overcharge).

If you allow your battery to stay uncharged for more than a few hours, then the battery can get internal oxidation, which causes shorter battery life.

Final Words on Electric Scooter Maintenance

As much as we love to complicate things, it’s always a better option to keep them simple. We can pretend that everything is going to be alright and pray for the best, or we can take destiny into our hands.

We also need to understand that we are the ones responsible for keeping the electric scooter in good condition.

Usually, to apply all these tips and rules for good maintenance, you will need an hour. The positive thing about it is that it gives you the satisfaction of keeping your scooter in perfect condition and being able to enjoy riding it whenever you want.

This article was prepared by Voltage Rider. You can access the original version of the article here.

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