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Electric Scooter Joyor F5+ Review: The Perfect Transportation Solution

Have you ever wondered why there are not that many Joyor electric scooter reviews online? Well, believe it or not, most reviews you find on the internet nowadays are paid, especially if it is a young brand and a new product. Here at Joyor Electric Scooter, we strongly believe in organic content and real customer feedback. That is why we do not sponsor electric scooter reviews. However, when real electric mobility fans find a great e-scooter, they are always willing to share their experience and opinion with the world. Here is one good example. We are extremely grateful to our customer Phil Chen from New York, USA for putting together this detailed review of Joyor electric scooter F5+ and sharing with us and the world his opinion, suggestions, tips, and tricks.

Joyor Electric Scooter F1


I have literally researched for 5-6 months for the perfect transportation solution. I’ve looked at virtually all E-scooters, hoverboards, and E-skateboards sold in the US and found my way to the Joyor website, and I am so happy I found it. There isn’t much advertisement or presence in the US for Joyor products as it’s more popular in Europe/Spain/Asia, but there needs to be!

I’ve had the Joyor F5 scooter for about a month now and have put almost 100 km on it so far. In short, I love this scooter; it has met or exceeded all my expectations. The range is phenomenal, the speed is fantastic, and the pricing is very reasonable.

I ride 8-10KM each way to my gym and a bunch of friends wanted to try it, one of them wanted to buy the same exact one. It’s a game-changer, I don’t have to drive and worry about parking, tickets, traffic, or all three. In fact, I get to the gym faster than I would by driving. Overall, I love it and wish I found it earlier, but nonetheless, I am a huge fan and believer in Joyor Electric Scooter products and especially the Joyor F5 electric scooter. Here is my unbiased detailed review.

joyor electric scooter usa review

Detailed Review


This is probably the most important factor. I’m 165lbs, usually ride with 10lbs of gear, so say about 180lbs total weight. In my second full charge, I got ~50 km with 25% battery left, which is pretty phenomenal. I could probably squeeze another 10-20 km on a flat surface with the remaining battery easily.

I did notice that when the battery falls to about 25%, the power drops off on inclines. For example:

  • Steep uphills can get 25-28 km/h on 75-100% but 10-12 km/h on 25%
  • On a flat surface, you can get about 35-40 km/h on 75-100%, but 22-25 km/h on 25%
  • This isn’t bad, considering 20-25 km/h is still faster than most electric scooters top speed

Tip: As with anything power/gas-related, the faster you go, the shorter the range. So don’t stay on full-throttle on the 3rd gear. On my first time riding this, I got only 40 km because I was constantly on the 3rd gear at full power. Instead, I ride on full power on the 2nd gear (~22-25 km/h) or if I’m on the 3rd gear, I only go 50-60% throttle (~25-28 km/h). This will save a lot of battery life and extend your range, even get more than the rated 55-60 km. In fact, I could probably get 70-75 km on a full charge with this technique.


The electric scooter is built solid and very durable. The latch to fold/unfold the electric scooter was very firm, it actually hurt my hands the first few times, but that just shows how strong this thing is built, I rather it be very firm than loose. I did notice that after a while, it got easier – either, it took some time to break it in or I just got more use to it (maybe both). The only thing is, when I unfold it to ride, I have to give the handlebars a little pop to make it snap in into the lock position.

Weight: At first, I thought it was heavy, but I weighed it, and it was indeed just 35lbs (15 kg). Now I am used to the weight, and it’s very easy to carry around. Sometimes instead of folding down, I’ll just pick it up and throw it over my shoulder.

Other Build Items: There is a very useful kickstand and very easy to use. The front/rear lights are very bright.


The brakes work great, but I want to conserve it as much as possible, so I actually do two things whilst braking or in lieu of:

  1. I will release the throttle completely, which will slow down the electric scooter a lot and
  2. I will simultaneously use one foot to skid on the ground to slow down, but this does require some experience and practice as you will need to gauge braking distance.

At my own discretion, I like to conserve the hard braking for emergencies or downhill/shortstop.

electric scooter joyor review usa


Customer Service

The buying process was very easy, and customer service was helpful. Despite time zone differences, I always received responses within 12 hours and if I wrote to them during business hours, I would get responses almost immediately or within minutes. They are very friendly, helpful and answered my questions thoroughly.


They don’t accept Credit Cards, but they do accept PayPal, which you can use your Credit Card. Their prices are in Euro.


It took 3 weeks as promised, and you get a tracking number within 3 days, but since it shipped to the US, the tracking # only activates once it passes through US Customs, so took about 2 weeks. Once trackable, it arrived within 3-4 days, as stated. The box was as big as expected and packed securely between two large foam blocks. I also ordered a spare front tyre and inner tube, which came in the same box.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual I received was outdated and showed different stats/measurements, but the customer rep emailed me the updated one, which clarified everything for me, very happy with it.

Added Accessories

I added a GoPro, Extra Front/Rear Strobe lights, and a cell phone mount.

Joyor Scooter is the company that drives the new electric mobility concept in Europe by bringing to the market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor is an electric and foldable scooter designed for personal transportation and leisure. Fast, durable, solid, safe and easy to ride, Joyor is designed in the Netherlands. With Joyor Scooter you can enjoy revolutionary transport made to offer a unique experience at an irresistible price.

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