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riding uphill downhill

Differences between riding uphill and downhill

Once you have dared to ride an electric scooter, the next thing you need to go through is riding up and downhill. Many people think this is an obstacle but not necessarily. Riding up and downhill is an important factor when it comes to buying an electric scooter. Therefore we can give you some tips so that you don't make rash decisions when buying one. An electric scooter can go only as far as the motor and battery makes it possible to, and for uphills the inclination is an important factor. So the higher degree of incline that you need to ride on a regular basis, the higher upgrade that you’ll need for your vehicle.

Tips for riding uphill

  • Avoid overcharging of weight
It's important that you respect the weight that your e-scooter is designed for, especially when going uphill.
  • Posture
When going up try to move your gravity center by positioning your head closer to the handlebar.
  • Momentum
Take into consideration to speed up while you are in a plain terrain or low degree of incline before trying to go uphill, then you’ll gain enough momentum and it will be easier to climb.
  • Speed up
If the momentum you gained while going up was not enough, then keep speeding up until the speed is stable.
  • Charge the battery
Check your battery because it will need to be charged especially when going uphill.

Tips for riding downhill

  • Go slow
Especially if you are starting to ride an electric scooter, going downhill can lead to accidents.
  • Brake slowly
Remember that a quick brake can make you fall down the scooter.
  • Avoid speeding up
Speeding up in a downhill can lead to loose control while riding.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings
You can easily lose control so remind yourself to check when you are getting too close to an object or person.

The best Joyor options for uphill and downhill

  • GS9: up to 15° and 600W motor
  • S5: up to 20° and 600W motor
  • S10-S: up to 20° and 2x1000W motor

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