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City Tour with Electric Scooter?

As versatile and sustainable means of transportation, electric scooters are the perfect option for independent tourism where you are the boss of your own time and activities.

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One of the worst feelings for every tourist is the complete exhaustion of spending hours walking from one tourist attraction to another. In situations like this, the metro ends up being the most useful solution because it saves you a lot of time, but it doesn't allow you to actually see the cityscape. The metro ends up being too limiting and traipsing, too exhaustive and unnecessary when there are a lot of convincing and more useful options like to ride with an electric scooter. Apart from the fact that you are able to appreciate the views and the cityscape, you are enjoying a nice, refreshing ride in a very cool way.


Most of the European cities have already established regulations regarding the circulation of electric vehicles and more precisely, the electric scooters, which guarantee more safety for the riders and at the same time, make the rides themselves care-free and much easier.

Joyor Electric Scooter G Series

Another advantage is the economical factor related to the use of electric scooters. There are a lot of rental services which offer electric scooters especially for city tours at very affordable prices.
Of course, there is nothing like using your own electric scooter when visiting the city. The big variety of models and designs allows you to choose the one which suits you and your needs best. The fact that it is foldable is a big advantage when travelling because it makes transportation and storage very easy and comfortable. It can be easily transported in a plane, too.

Travelling and going on a city tour with your own electric scooter gives you the opportunity to manage your time and to organize your activities and the time you spend on each of them on your own. This “travel independence” allows you to stop for a coffee or have a nice long lunch without worrying about missing the group or not having enough time to get to the next attraction.

Electric scooters are a really comfortable solution for tourists who prefer to manage their trips by themselves. You just need to make sure that you follow the restrictions and the driving regulations, and you can enjoy a lifetime travel experience.

Joyor Electric Scooter is the company that drives the new electric mobility concept in Europe by bringing to the market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor is an electric and foldable scooter designed for personal transportation and leisure. Fast, durable, solid, safe and easy to ride, Joyor is designed in the Netherlands. With Joyor Scooter you can enjoy revolutionary transport made to offer a unique experience at an irresistible price.

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