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Choose the Perfect Joyor Electric Scooter for you

Choose the Perfect Joyor Electric Scooter for you

At Joyor, We Offer a Wide Range of Electric Scooters Designed to meet the needs of different users.


We present three categories:

  • Casual Riders
  • Daily Commuters
  • Pro Riders

Discover which one best suits your requirements!



Looking for a fun and exciting way to take a ride? These scooters are perfect for leisurely rides in the city or along the beach. Feel the breeze on your face as you move with style and ease!

The scooters in the Casual Riders Category are designed for those seeking an easy-to-use, comfortable, and accessible option for their daily commutes or to enjoy relaxing rides. Here's an overview of the common features of this type of scooters:



Compact and Lightweight Design: Scooters for casual riders typically have a compact and foldable design. This makes them easy to transport and store, which is convenient for those who need to take them on public transport or store them in limited spaces. Highlighting the weight of the Joyor A3 at only 12.5 kg and the Joyor F1 at 12.9 kg.

Easy To Handle: These scooters are designed to be intuitive and easy to handle, even for those who have never used one before. Their acceleration and braking system is simple and comfortable to use.

Range: Although range may vary depending on the model, electric scooters for casual riders generally offer basic range that is sufficient for short rides or urban commuting, with ranges that can reach up to 40 km with the Joyor F3.

Wheels and Suspension: Electric Scooters for casual riders are equipped with 8-inch wheels, available in two variants: solid or air-filled. Additionally, all models in this category feature front suspension, which ensures a smoother and safer ride by effectively absorbing small impacts and surface vibrations.

Customization Options: At Joyor, you have the freedom to choose your favorite color. The Joyor A3 model is available in red, blue, yellow, black, and white, while the Joyor F1 and Joyor F3 come in white and black; additionally, the F3 is also available in green and pink. Moreover, the Joyor A3 features customizable LED lights on the chassis, offering a variety of colors to reflect your unique style.

In summary, scooters in the Casual Riders category offer a practical and accessible solution for those seeking a fun way to get around the city, whether it's for commuting to work, taking a ride in the park, or enjoying leisure moments outdoors. They are easy to use, comfortable, and represent an excellent option for those taking their first steps into the world of electric scooters.

Click here and discover our Casual Riders Electric Scooters Category



Forget about traffic and start your days with energy!

Our electric scooters are ideal for moving quickly to work or around the city. Arrive on time and effortlessly while contributing to the environment with a sustainable option.

The scooters in the Daily Commuters Category are a choice designed to make your daily commutes comfortable, fast, and practical. Here's a description of the typical features of this type of scooters:



Functional Design: Electric Scooters in this category focus on practicality and versatility, with a design that combines comfort and functionality for your daily commutes. Additionally, we offer different sizes and weights so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle, such as the Joyor X1 and Joyor X5S, which have a wide platform and size for taller and heavier individuals.

Range: They offer a more extended range, which can reach up to 55 km on a single charge with the Joyor G5, covering your daily journeys without any problems. With this capacity, you won't have to worry about charging it daily and can enjoy several days of commuting with confidence and efficiency.

Wheels and Suspension: Joyor scooters stand out with 8" to 10" wheels, mostly air-filled for optimal suspension, except for the Joyor GS5 model which features solid wheels to avoid punctures. Additionally, these scooters have front suspension to handle any terrain, and many models have double rear suspension for a more comfortable ride, like the Joyor Joyor F5S+.

Safety: Electric Scooters in this category incorporate drum and/or disk brake systems for added safety in braking, and they also have additional safety features such as front and rear lights for a safer riding experience.

Variety of Colors: Our Joyor F5S+, Joyor X1 and Joyor X5S allow you to choose from elegant options in Black and White for a unique customization. Find the perfect scooter that reflects your style and personality with Joyor!

Discover our Electric Scooters for Daily Commuters




Find the perfect balance between work and adventure with our electric scooters!

They are the ideal companions for those who use them for work, but they also invite you to escape to the mountains on weekends. With an elegant design and exceptional performance, you'll be ready for any occasion. Experience the thrill of electric mobility with Joyor scooters!

Premium Scooters for Professionals


Advanced Technology, Safety, and Exceptional Range for Long Excursions. Ideal for experienced and demanding users seeking optimal performance and comfort.

Design: Our professional scooters present an elegant and robust design, tailored for demanding and experienced users. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide a sophisticated look and a sturdy structure, suitable for all types of challenges.

Supreme Range: With an outstanding autonomy of up to 100 km from the Joyor Y10, our professional scooters allow you to enjoy long excursions without worrying about charging. The advanced battery technology ensures optimal performance, allowing you to make the most of each journey.

Wheels and Suspension: In professional electric scooters, high-performance wheels, such as the all-road wheels for Joyor S5 and S10-S scooters, offer exceptional grip on various terrains. However, one of the most distinctive benefits is the dual front and rear suspension. This exceptional feature ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough and uneven surfaces.

Safety: At Joyor, your safety is our priority. Professional scooters are equipped with front and rear braking systems, with the Joyor S10-S featuring hydraulic brakes for professional-level braking. Additionally, our powerful lights and additional safety elements, such as turning lights on the Joyor Y5S and Joyor Y10, provide the confidence and peace of mind you need during every ride.

Exceptional Power: Our professional scooters offer quick acceleration and high performance. Designed for experienced users, the Joyor S10-S model features two 1000W motors each and the ability to climb 20º inclines, allowing them to conquer hills effortlessly.

With our professional-grade scooters, you will experience a superior level of electric mobility. Advanced technology, safety, exceptional range, and elegant design will accompany you on any journey, whether it's for work or your thrilling weekend adventures. Raise your expectations and enjoy maximum performance and comfort with Joyor electric scooters for pro riders!

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In summary, at Joyor, we have the perfect electric scooter for you, no matter your style of use. From basic scooters for casual users to high-performance models for Pro Riders, our range offers options designed to provide comfort, autonomy, safety, and enjoyment on every journey. Choose the one that best fits your needs and start enjoying electric mobility with Joyor!


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