5 european cities perfect for electric scooters

5 european cities perfect for electric scooters

Europe, a land of history and modernity, is moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future by promoting electric mobility. In this journey towards eco-consciousness, the continent's cities stand out as true bastions of innovation, adapting their infrastructures and promoting the use of electric vehicles as an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative.

In this journey through the streets of Europe, electric scooters are the ideal travel companions, offering an agile, fun and environmentally friendly way to explore the urban landscape. From the canals of Amsterdam to the hills of Lisbon, there are endless destinations to explore by electric scooter. However, among this range of possibilities, five cities stand out as true paradises for lovers of electric mobility.

Shall we get started?



The city of Copenhagen is a paradise for electric mobility enthusiasts.

With its world-class cycling infrastructure and commitment to sustainability, Copenhagen offers an ideal environment for electric scooters, with 350 km of cycle paths, usefully separated from cars and well signposted.

In addition, more than half of Copenhageners use bicycles or scooters to commute to work, making it one of Europe's top cities for electric scooters.

Marble Church and Amaliaenborg Palace

This is our first stop on the tour. One of the busiest churches stands before our eyes, with a dome 31 metres in diameter.

The church was built by architect Nicola Eigtved to honour the 300-year reign of the Oldenburg dynasty, and is very close to our next stop: the view of the church from the Amaliaenborg Palace.

This palace is the official resting place of the Danish royal family during the winter months - a real discovery!

Following the canal on your electric scooter or e-bike, you'll reach Toldbodgade, a beautiful promenade that stretches from Nyhayn (New Harbour) to the end of the quay, from where you can see the Copenhagen Opera House.

You can also enjoy the famous Little Mermaid of Copenhagen and another of the most successful places to go on a scooter or bicycle: Al Kastellet, quiet and perfect for sailing alone or with friends.

Street food and colourful houses

And, of course, after having spent the morning on this pleasant stroll and having made the obligatory stop for a hot coffee, it is time to get back on the move and visit one of the most emblematic places in the city: Nyhavn, the capital's tourist epicentre. A postcard to frame and take with you forever in your mind. With its colourful houses, its harbour of fishing boats, its restaurants piled up waiting for you to have a good drink.

You'll get here on your scooter and you'll never want to leave this enchanting landscape. And if you keep skating, you will cross the Inderhavnsbroen bridge and, on the right hand side, you will find the street food of Copenhagen: Broens Gadekokken: Enjoy your lunch!



Barcelona is both a beginning and an end. The beginning of an eternal sea glimpsed between its beaches and the end of iconic mountains climbed each year by thousands of adventurers. This duality makes it one of the most visited European cities every year and, consequently, one of those that has perpetuated the most changes in recent years in terms of electric mobility: the most sustainable, the greenest alternative.

That's why we highlight these different green routes within Barcelona for you to explore with your electric scooter:

Route along the coast of Barcelona

A 10 km intense journey; not because of the difficulty of the pavement, but because of the immensity of its views. The so-called Green Route stretches along the coast of Barcelona, ​​revealing to its pedestrians the port, the statue of Columbus, the Moll de la Fusta, the Forum, or the mouth of the Besós River.

The route is practically flat, but special attention must be paid to changes in the track, as not all of it is bike path and there are some sections for pedestrians.

Otherwise, it's a perfect route for a spring day. Are you up for exploring it on an electric scooter?

Monuments Route

The remodeling of Barcelona has made its streets easily navigable with a light electric vehicle. This allows you to go from one monument to another in the city on a bike lane, either with your bike or your electric scooter.

Our recommendation is to start at Plaza Catalunya and head up to Passeig de Gràcia, enjoying the city's modernist buildings: Casa Ametller, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera.

At the intersection with Diagonal, you'll glimpse a lane for traveling on an electric scooter that will lead you to Passeig de Sant Joan and, later on, to the Sagrada Familia.

Then, you descend to Parque de la Ciutadella passing through the Arc de Triomf and Plaza Tetuán, to return to the starting point: Passeig de Gràcia.

Are you eager to explore Barcelona on an electric scooter?



Dublin boasts a total of 120 km of bike lanes to cruise fearlessly with your electric scooter or e-bike, propelling yourself effortlessly and being 100% eco-friendly.

Here you can find the map that documents this infinite bike lane.

And off we go with our route through Irish streets!

The Canal Way Route

As the name suggests, this is a really "cool" route that has become one of the most popular among bicycle and scooter enthusiasts. It serves as an artery of the European city and passes through different emblematic places, such as Portobello, Spencer Dock, and the Grand Canal.

Moreover, you can enjoy Leeson Street Bridge to indulge in some Irish pastries and coffee at Dublin cafe, before exploring the modern and innovative "Docklands."

Grab your electric scooter, and let the adventure begin! And don't forget your helmet!

Phoenix Park

Peace, tranquility, and finally, a breather.

That's what you'll find in Phoenix Park, one of the largest in Dublin and a favorite among Dubliners, who use it to relax from the hustle and bustle, have picnics, engage in outdoor sports, bike circuits, electric scooters, and more.

Moreover, in this park, you'll find Dublin Zoo, Áras an Uachtaráin (the President's residence), with the incredible backdrop of Farmleigh House, and one of the largest herds of deer in the European continent.

Are you up for meeting them in person?



The light of Seville has expanded towards change, towards a promising future that involves including bike routes throughout the city. Green lanes for all its inhabitants and for the most eco-conscious and eager tourists who arrive in Seville eager to explore it with their electric scooter. Are you one of them?

If so, at Joyor, we recommend this wonderful route to discover Seville on your electric scooter.

Let's go!

"The Bridges of Seville" Route:

A 2-hour route that starts at Plaza Santa Cruz and covers the main greenways of the city, crossing the city near its most characteristic point: the Guadalquivir River.

It crosses the following bridges: Alamillo Bridge, Isla de la Cartuja, Barqueta Bridge, Cachorro Bridge, Triana Bridge, San Telmo Bridge, Remedios Bridge, Delicias Bridge, and Muelle Bridge.


5. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a charming city full of history that lends itself perfectly to exploring it by electric scooter. Here are three must-see sights to discover while you explore its streets on wheels:

Baixa and Chiado: Continue to the city centre, where you will find the elegant Rossio square and the majestic Praça do Comércio. Pass through Rua Augusta, a pedestrianised street lined with shops and restaurants, until you reach the vibrant Chiado district, known for its historic cafés and trendy boutiques.

Belém: Head west to the Belém neighbourhood, where you'll find some of Lisbon's most iconic monuments. Visit the Belém Tower, a 16th century architectural gem, and the Jerónimos Monastery, a stunning example of Manueline architecture. Don't forget to try the famous pastel de nata (cream cakes) at the famous Belém pastry shop.

Parque das Nações: Conclude your tour at the modern Parque das Nações, located in the eastern part of Lisbon. Here you will find the impressive Oceanário de Lisboa, one of the largest aquariums in Europe, as well as the iconic Vasco da Gama Bridge and the Portugal Pavilion, designed by the renowned architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

Always remember to respect traffic rules and road safety while exploring Lisbon by electric scooter - enjoy your adventure!

And here our tour ends!

What city would you like to visit on board your electric scooter? Leave us a message in comments.

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