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Top 5 Accessories for You and Your Electric Scooter

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In order to enjoy every ride and be safe on your electric scooter, you definitely need to consider some of the top accessories which will help your riding experience to be at its best.


Helmets are a must when you are riding an electric scooter. They are the essential safety equipment that will keep you protected by any means. Of course, you should be riding carefully because no safety equipment will save you from a major accident but it will definitely make a difference by reducing the danger regarding your health. Joyor Electric Scooter offers you two types of helmets: Joyor Helmet, which comes in one size with adjustable mechanism, and a big selection of Thousand Helmets with a secret POPLOCK antirobbery system.


As any other means of transportation driven in the open air, electric scooters don’t have a protective cover that will keep you comfortable independently on the weather conditions. That is why wearing gloves, especially if it is windy, is recommendable for your own comfortability. Gloves will also protect your hands in case of an accident. It is important to choose your gloves according to the speed you usually ride your scooter at. Get thicker ones if you ride with higher speed and thinner if you ride slowly, this way you will prevent your hands from sweating.

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Glasses: Eye Protection

Even if you are wearing a helmet, your eyes won’t be completely protected. There is always a possibility of a fly entering in your eye or a dust which may seriously damage your sight. There is no specific glasses design for electric scooter riders. You are free to wear the ones that you like the most or the ones that make you feel comfortable: eyeglasses or sunglasses.


This liquid latex, called sealant, could help you prevent a flat tire or even to repair one. It is one of the most popular accessories with frequent commuters, because its usefulness may save you a lot of trouble.


Even though most electric scooters count with a foldable system which makes them easily portable everywhere, it is always a good option to have a plan B. Independently on the fact that you may bring your electric scooter with you everywhere, there will always be a specific place (like bathroom, office, store, etc.) where you won’t be able to fit your scooter. In these cases, the lock will be the perfect solution for you and your peaceful mind.
Some of these accessories are obligatory or recommended by the governments for the safety of the riders (helmets), others are a personal choice which will both keep you safe and offer you more pleasant riding experience.

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