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What is the best scooter for each user? At Joyor we help you choose th

Which electric scooter is best for you? What should you consider when choosing one? What are the differences between the series and models of Joyor electric scooters? Joyor currently offers 7 series and 15 different models of electric scooters in Europe. This article will help you understand the differences between the various Joyor models and series.

Joyor electric scooter models comparison

When comparing Joyor electric scooter models, always keep in mind all technical characteristics of all models. On our website are the result of measurements in a test environment, with a 75 kg user, on flat terrain, without wind and with an average speed of 20-30 km/h. These are the factors that influence the performance of the electric scooter.
Depending on your weight, the type of terrain and the other factors that affect the performance of the scooter, the performance of your electric scooter will be closer (or less) to the results of the test environment.

What should you consider when choosing an electric scooter?

When choosing an electric scooter, you should always consider two main groups of factors.

1. Non-modifiable factors

Things you can't change or adjust or at least, you can't easily change in a short period of time:

  • Your weight
  • Type of terrain of your regular commute
  • The average distance of your regular commute that you have to cover on one battery charge

Before looking at the design, it is important to determine the non-modifiable factors because they can significantly limit your choice. For example, if your weight is 100 kg, and you need to drive about 40 km every day uphill, no matter how much you want to, you cannot use the ultralight version with a small battery and basic power motor. A basic electric scooter will not match your needs. In other words, first, check which models you can choose because not all of them will be suitable for you.

Your weight

This factor directly determines the power of the motor that your electric scooter should have. The more powerful the motor, the more weight it can support without slowing down.

If you are a heavy rider, consider only models with a 500W motor or higher:

Type of terrain

Second, consider what kind of terrain you move on a daily basis. This factor also determines the power of the motor your electric scooter should have, its maximum weight and the size of the wheels. The more powerful the motor of the electric scooter, the better it will cope with hills. The larger the wheels, the smoother the ride and the less you will feel the imperfections of the road.

If you drive up the coast on a regular basis, we recommend that you choose only among the medium-weight models with motors of 500 W or more:

Why is that? Because you need a powerful motor that guarantees a good climb uphill without your electric scooter losing speed, just as you need a lightweight vehicle.

If you are a light rider of less than 65 kg, you can also consider models with 350 W—400 W motor:

If you frequently drive on bumpy roads, we recommend that you choose between models with larger wheels or rear suspension to ensure a smoother ride:

And if you like to ride on rockier terrain and enjoy the mountain or your daily commute is through mountainous areas, the best alternative, in that case, are the new Joyor all-terrain models:

Autonomy of Joyor electric scooters

If your usual commute is less than 25 km, you don't need to worry, most Joyor electric scooter models can run this distance on a full battery charge. But, if you make a long-distance or prefer to drive from home to the beach, crossing the whole city every weekend, then it is essential to invest in a model with a longer range. The range of the electric scooter depends on the battery. Here is the list of all Joyor electric scooters, ordered by range from minimum to maximum:

electric scooter

2. Non-modifiable factors

Now that you have your choice narrowed down, discarding the options that do not correspond to your needs, you can delve into the differences between the various models and series and think about your own preferences.

When choosing your Joyor, it is important that you know the 3 points that will simplify your decision process:

  1. All models within a series have the same design and look, the only difference between them are the technical characteristics that are established mainly by the motor and battery: power and autonomy.
  2. The more powerful the electric scooter and the more autonomy it has, the greater its weight.
  3. All series have at least one front suspension.

The Joyor Electric Patient Series Explained

Series A

If you prefer solid anti-puncture tyres and a modern, lightweight design. The Joyor A series are electric scooters designed for people who prefer comfort and low maintenance.

With the A-series electric scooters you can forget about having a flat tyre. The solid wheels are not as smooth as pneumatic wheels, although the Joyor A3 and Joyor A5 electric scooters have a simple front suspension to smooth out vibration on bumpy roads. Other than that, one of the main distinguishing features of these electric scooters is that they have the motor on the front wheel and not on the rear wheel compared to all other Joyor models.

The Joyor A3 and Joyor A5 electric scooters have a very light design and a modern look; apart from the front and rear lights; they have colour-adjustable ambient sidelights; electric and foot brake; and the option to connect via Bluetooth. Joyor A3 and Joyor A5 are two completely identical models, except that Joyor A5 has an additional detachable battery.

Series F

The Joyor F series are slightly larger, made of aircraft aluminium instead of plastic, with a single front suspension and have more comfortable handles for accelerating and braking. The upgraded F5+ and F5S+ models now have not only a single front suspension, but also a double rear suspension, which adds 500g to the weight of the electric scooter, but makes the ride much more comfortable. These electric scooters have a rear drum brake.

Their main distinguishing feature compared to the X and Y series is the 8-inch wheels and shorter and narrower chassis. It makes the models of the X and Y series more compact in both folded and unfolded states, they are designed to be portable.

The Joyor F series electric scooters have a solid rear wheel which, on the one hand, reduces the possibility of having a flat tyre, but, on the other hand, makes the ride on a bumpy road less comfortable. In the case of the F5+ and F5S+ models, the double rear suspension fully rewards this aspect and ensures a comfortable ride. In addition, their lights are smaller than the lights of the X, Y series.

Series X

If You Prefer a Smooth Ride with a Light, Medium Weight Vehicle. The main advantage of Joyor X series electric scooters is that their wheels have similar characteristics to the Y series, once folded, they are relatively lightweight and easy to carry. The large 10-inch wheels ensure a smoother and more comfortable ride on a bumpy road. These electric scooters have a rear disc brake, which increases the stopping power of the scooter in less space.

The Joyor X series, similar to the A-series and F series, have a single front suspension, but the headlights are much more powerful than the headlights of the A-series and F series electric scooters.

The electric scooters in this series are designed to have an optimal balance between design and portability to ensure high vehicle performance.

Series G

GS Series: The GS Series electric scooters stand out with stability, durability and motor power. The GS5 and GS9 models feature 8.5″ anti-puncture solid tyres and dual front and rear suspension that are a guarantee for a smooth and safe ride. While the G5 model features air tyres and dual rear suspension. The chassis of the GS models is larger and allows for a more stable and comfortable riding position.

Model GS9: It has the most powerful motor and the highest voltage battery in the Joyor electric scooter collection. This allows you to reach a range of up to 75 km and ensure long and safe trips.

Joyor G5: It is a much more elegant model and ideal for those looking for transport to move to their workplace. It has a double rear suspension that helps to make the trip much more comfortable when going over bumps, in addition, it has a range of 45 – 55 km and its weight is 17.8 kg. The G5 scooter has a firm chassis and has sidelights that make scooter travel much safer.

Series Y

The Joyor Y series electric scooters are all about design, safety, and comfort. They have larger and wider wheels, dual front suspension and dual rear suspension to ensure an extremely smooth ride on any road. Joyor Y series electric scooters have front and rear disc brakes. They not only have large front and rear lights, but also have front and rear turn signals on both sides of the electric scooter.

The Joyor Y series has the most advanced design, Joyor has to offer at the moment. Both Joyor Y5S and Joyor Y10 have a powerful 500W motor, the only difference between these two electric scooters is the battery. Joyor Y10 has a longer-lasting battery that gives it an incredible range of up to 100 km. This vehicle is perfect for rental services, tour guides, delivery companies and long-distance travellers.

But be aware: advanced design and extreme range come at a price: the Joyor Y series electric scooters are heavy vehicles, which makes them somewhat slower to climb and makes them less convenient to transport folded.

Serie S

It is the latest series launched by Joyor and the only one that supports all-terrain use. This series is considered ideal for lovers of mountain tours and those users who like to reach places that other scooters would not reach.

The S series has two models:

The S5 model has a colour LCD screen, 600 W rear motor, 40 – 55 km range, 10-inch air tyres, front and rear disc brakes and dual front and rear suspension. This scooter will make your trip – in the city or on dirt tracks in good condition – an experience.

The S10-S model is Joyor's most powerful scooter to date, with a dual motor (1,000 W each, 2000 watts in total) and a range of 70 - 85 km. It has air wheels and dual front and rear suspension, which makes travel much more comfortable on uneven terrain. The innovative S10-S scooter has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. If you want to go mountain biking, this new model is your best ally to get the most out of the S10-S scooter.

"Pop mobility" the new concept

Joyor Scooter is the electric scooter company driving the new "POP MOBILITY" concept in Europe, bringing to the market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor scooters are electric, foldable scooters designed for personal transportation and for both recreational and professional use. Fast, durable, solid, safe, and easy to ride.

Joyor is a company specialized in electric personal mobility vehicles (MPV) that integrates the entire industrial chain: from product design, production, customer service, technical support, participation in the development of regulations and the promotion of best practices.

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