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Electric Scooters: What the new Mobility Regulations & Restrictions wi

Electric scooters are one of the most comfortable and sustainable means of transport these days. They form a large part of the mobility sector in many cities in Spain and other countries around the world. Its design provides a lot of comforts when it comes to storing and transporting them. In addition, they give you easy access to any area.

Electric scooters are Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV). They are defined as vehicles with one or more wheels (normally two), powered by an electric motor, and for the exclusive use of only one person. The electric scooters are fast and comfortable vehicles, they are easy to carry, and most importantly: they are eco-friendly and avoid traffic. This makes many users prefer the electric scooter over the other means of transport.

The number of users of electric scooters continues to increase, which leads to a need for regulations and limits on a state level regarding the speed of the scooters. With the aim of reducing risks both for its users, and for pedestrians, and facilitating the coexistence of all means of transport.

Faced with this need for regulations, the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) is working on establishing a series of instructions for restrictions and obligations of use and speed limits. The regulations will be consistent with those established by the European Union. Although electric scooters do not need authorization to circulate until now, their users have to meet some requirements and obligations, according to the GDT in their instruction.

Maximum Speed ​​Limitation

One of the limitations regarding electric scooters, discussed by the GDT, is the maximum speed. The authorities of different European countries and cities are currently working on updated official regulations that will set the maximum speed limit for PMV. Some countries already have it. Mainly, the maximum speed limit of scooters varies from 25 to 35 km/h.

The vehicles which circulate within the city area must not exceed 25 km/h and the engine power must not exceed 1000W. The main reason for this limitation is to guarantee road safety for both users of electric scooters, and pedestrians and other vehicles on the roads. Users of vehicles that exceed these technical characteristics will have to obtain special administrative authorization. The type of administrative authorization will depend on the maximum vehicle speed, engine power, vehicle weight, etc. Electric vehicles with motor power equal to or less than 4000W and/or maximum speed equal to or less than 45 km/h possibly in the future will require a driving license of the AM class. However, currently, there is NO official regulation applicable on this matter.

The limitation of the maximum speed of the electric vehicle does not mean that the power of the vehicle's motor must be reduced. Joyor will offer its users the option to limit the speed (in cases that can be modified) by installing a personalized controller that limits the speed but maintains the power of the vehicle. Thus, having the same ability to raise and support the same weights.


At this time, in Spain, there is NO restriction for electric vehicles with seats. However, there is a possibility that, in the future, if the electric scooter does NOT have a self-balancing system, it has a saddle and the scooter's seat is located at a height bigger than 540 mm, users will need to obtain administrative authorization. Electric scooters with saddles and a self-balancing system will NOT require administrative authorization.

Other established regulations and recommendations for the use of electric scooters are:

  • The use of a helmet is recommended
  • The use of the mobile phone and headphones is not allowed while driving
  • Driving on side walks and pedestrian areas is not allowed
  • Registration is not required. When stopped by a police officer, the user may have to provide information about the manufacturer, the name of the brand, the model, the motor power, the chassis serial number, the date of manufacture and a photo of the vehicle.
  • Until now, no driving license is required
  • You should not drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs—users are required to undergo alcohol and drug testing. In case of refusal, the driver will be reported and his/her vehicle may be immobilized.
  • Electric scooters are vehicles designed for the exclusive use of one person
  • To drive at night, users must wear reflective clothing and have the electric scooter lights turned on

All these obligations and requirements seem an unsurpassed barrier for the users of electric scooters. But Joyor has several solutions for you!

  • All Joyor models have front and rear lights
  • Joyor has two models of helmets and other accessories that guarantee safety and comfort while using the electric scooter
  • Joyor has two options to reduce the speed of your electric scooter:

❏ Buy a personalized controller with previously limited speed

❏ Set up the screen and change the default speed limit value by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Press the On/Off button to turn on the screen

Step 2: Press and hold buttons A and B (Mode button) at the same time for 2 seconds to enter the parameter setting interface

Step 3: Press button A to switch between parameter codes (P) until code P07 is displayed on the screen

Step 4: Press button B to change the parameter setting value. The default value is 25. To set the maximum speed limit at ≈ 25 km/h, set the value to 30.

Step 5: Press and hold button A and button B together at the same time for 2 seconds to save changes.

Electric Scooter Joyor is the company that drives the new concept of electric mobility in Europe, bringing to market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor is an electric and folding scooter designed for personal transport and leisure. Fast, durable, solid, safe and easy to drive, Joyor is designed in the Netherlands. With Joyor Electric Scooter you can enjoy a revolutionary transport made to offer a unique experience at an irresistible price.

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