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Winter is Coming: DOs and DON’Ts

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Electric scooters have already earned their place within our daily routines. Their technical features and economy made them a preferred choice by many commuters. However, the design and characteristics limit their use in some conditions and require more attention when referring to the maintenance and more precisely during winter. In order to help you keep your scooter in good condition, Joyor Electric Scooter created this ultimate guide to show you how to store and preserve better the scooter and its electric parts.

Considering the design of the electric scooters, we should pay special attention to their technical features during winter. The cold and humid weather conditions may have a negative effect on its performance.

Weather conditions

Winter is a season with tricky weather conditions during which the riding of your scooter may result in a huge nightmare, not only for its technical features but also for your safety.


At first glance, the humidity seems inoffensive, but may cause you a big trouble in the long run. Its negative effects don’t come out immediately. Little by little, humidity will make the spare parts rust. Once they are oxidized, they will no longer perform at their best.

Low Temperature

Low temperature has negative effects not only on the rider’s comfort but also on the technical characteristics and, more precisely, the battery. Its cells may freeze and stop making the right connection. This will lead to lower voltage and less power.


Wet and slippery roads are never a good idea. Electric scooters are means of transportation that don’t have a top cover to prevent them and the rider from getting wet. This added to the bigger risk of having an accident, independently of the attention you are paying, making the journey even more unpleasant and dangerous. That is why if you ride your Joyor in the rain, you should apply the general slippery road precautions. Do not ride or place the scooter anywhere with a water level higher than 5 cm, in order to avoid potential damage to the battery and other parts.


Snow, just like rainy weather, requires higher attention and caution. It combines slippery roads with negative temperature, which elevates the riding to a higher risk.

Of course, all these conditions are having different outcomes in every region. Warm winters, like the ones in Spain in Portugal, allow riders to enjoy their scooters during the whole year. Even though the winters are warmer in these regions, the road conditions are not the same as the ones during summer or spring, that is why higher attention must be paid to them.

Maintenance & Storage

Extreme weather conditions require extreme attention and care. The storage of the electric scooter in a dry environment is a must when not riding it and especially during the winter. The battery is the spare part that ends up being most affected by the long storage period. In order to keep it in good condition, you should charge it every 30 days to maintain its capacity.

Discharging completely the battery and recharging it is NOT recommended. It should always be charged with no less than 10% and with at least 50% when travelling. This will prevent any parables when referring to its charging and will assure better performance.

Other spare parts should also be a subject of your attention during winter. Tyres’ pressure should be regularly checked during the storage of your scooter, as well as the bolts and the breaking pads.

All these tips may look obvious or probably unnecessary for some of you, but if you really want to prolong the lifespan of your electric scooter, you should try avoiding the negative weather conditions, especially the cold and the humidity, and check the status of the spare parts regularly.

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