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Which are the Positive Impacts of Covid-19?

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Due to our dynamic routines, we always lack time. To compensate and keep up with all our obligations, we try to spend less time transporting ourselves from one place to another. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on our lives, especially when it comes to our mobility. We have more limitations and fewer alternatives.

But what has Covid-19 done to help us improve?

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Air pollution

The first drastic change we managed to observe is related to the air pollution once the lockdown was established, and we weren’t able to circulate freely. Huge air contaminated areas were reduced with the standstill of the factories and the transport services.

We managed to enjoy clear air, better walks and there were more fields and areas for other alternative means of transportation like electric scooters, bikes, etc.

Despite all that, we still need transportation methods, which means we can definitely learn from our Covid-19 experience and replace cars with sustainable mobility.


Many studies have shown that traffic is the top source and cause of pollution. There are many collaborative solutions designed to reduce traffic and offer other alternatives, such as public transport. However, Covid-19 required social distancing and no agglomerations. Public transport ended up being one of the areas of high risk. This made a lot of people turn onto more independent and at the same time more economical means of transportation: the electric scooters.

We became less dependent on the traffic and we managed to follow the restrictions.


Even though cars are comfy and fast, they require big investments for maintenance and refills. When starting to use sustainable mobility means, we saw a big change in the number of our monthly expenses. An electric scooter costs us not more than 20 euros a month, considering the fact that it needs no parking and no expensive refills.

This showed us that we can not only commute in a healthier way, but also in a cheaper and more convenient one.

Micromobility is still evolving, but many more cities and commuters are adopting its concept, looking for more effective transportation which will help us save our time and our planet.

As many more people are considering moving towards a new way of commuting, they should definitely learn from the Covid-19 lesson. Urban development projects must become more people-centred and start pursuing sustainable mobility and the future.

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