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Water-resistant vs. Waterproof: Ride in the Rain?

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The popularity of electric scooters is already a fact due to their usability and adaptive design. However, being a means of transportation without a cover makes its riding dependable on the weather conditions.

Electric scooter Joyor patinete electrico f1 f3

The battery of the electric scooters is the main source of their power. As its position is usually on the bottom part of the chassis, the main question we always ask ourselves is: Can we ride our electric scooters in the rain?


Of course the battery is one of the main parts of the electric scooter but this doesn’t mean that it is the only component responsible for the its proper functioning. Even so, the manufacturers have considered the unexpected weather changes and the possibility of riding in the rain. It is definitely not recommended to ride in the rain, but that is why there are some simple rules to follow in case that you are in a situation of unexpected weather changes and you don’t want to destroy your electric scooter and its spare parts.

Water-resistant vs. Waterproof

Water-resistant and waterproof are some of the characteristics a lot of drivers wish for their electric scooters to have but most of them hardly know the difference between the two.Being water-resistant means that the scooter may be driven in some rain, without being overexposed, while waterproof means that the escooter may be completely submerged into water.By any case, no electric scooter is completely waterproof (because of the open structure and chassis), so that what we should only consider their water-resistance.

The water-resistance scale determines the level of water into which the scooter maybe ridden without this being decisive for the destruction of its spare parts (riding in the rain it is not recommendable, we consider unexpected weather changes or urgencies).

Tips for Riding in the Rain

Of course the first and most important tip will be to avoid riding in the rain, in order to avoid an accident or any further damage of the electric scooter but regardless of the recommendations for no riding in the rain, we want to offer you some tips in case you end up caught in bad weather conditions.

  • Make a frequent check on the conditions of your scooter, so that the touch of rain won’t be extremely damaging – prevent corrosion of the spare parts.
  • Follow the restrictions of the manufacturer – for Joyor electric scooters, you should never submerge the scooter in water superficies with over 2cm depth.
  • Slow down – never ride on full speed, rain will make the superficies slippery and the scooter hard to control. Also, avoid sharp turns.
  • Brake gradually – due to the rain, road bumps may be covered and hardly visible, a sudden brake could lead you to a direct fall into one of the bumps.
  • Make sure you wear visible reflective clothes. A raincoat is also recommendable.

After a ride in the rain it is fundamental that you dry your electric scooter and check all the spare parts. Prevent the formation of any rust and corrosion.

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