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Joyor Electric Scooter

Joyor Y10

SKU: Y10 black / Y10 white

Joyor Electric Scooter Y10 has a front disk brake, a rear disk brake and a double front suspension. Joyor Electric Scooter Y10 is powered by a 500W motor and has the biggest distance range in the market, of 80-100km on one full charge. Scooter Elétrica Joyor Y10 é alimentada por um motor de 500W e tem a maior faixa de distância do mercado de 100km, com uma carga completa.



Joyor Y10

Joyor Electric Scooter Y10 has a front disk brake, a rear disk brake, and a double front suspension. The motor power of the X1 model is 500 W and has the biggest distance range on the market, 80-100km on one full charge. E-Scooter Y10 has front and rear lights, and front and rear turn signals on the sides. Esta scooter elétrica atinge 25km/h (velocidade máxima recomendada pela maioria dos regulamentos europeus).

Joyor Y10 is designed to be the safest and most powerful electric scooter with the most possible distance range. This model is perfect for long-distance commuters and tourism, rental, and delivery services.


Y Series: Go further

The Y Series was born as an answer to the users who use the scooter in a more intensive and professional way, beyond recreational reasons.

If you already know what it is to spend many hours driving a vehicle, you know what you look for in a scooter as a travel partner: comfort, safety, stability, and extreme distance range. That is what our Y5S and Y10 models offer.

500 W motors, ranges of up to 50 or 100 km, double suspensions both front and rear, 10” wheels, wide foot platform, disc brakes on both wheels, blinkers and good reliability.

Riders, welcome home!

Learn more about our Y-Series here.


Main features Joyor Y10

Focused on security Safety-focused design, equipped with front and rear disc brakes and turn signals.

Range Distance range up to 100 km.

Ideal for long trips Perfect for long trips and for delivery services.

Suspension Comfortable and stable thanks to its double front and rear suspension, and 10” tires.

Sobre Scooter Elétrica Joyor Y10

Motor 500W
Capacidade de Carga 120kg
Material Liga de alumínio
Velocidade 25km/h (limitada)
Dimensões Dobrada 1150x210x430mm
Peso 23kg
Autonomia 80-100km
Freios 2 Freios, freio a disco dianteiro & freio a disco traseiro
Controle de cruzeiro Sim
Voltagem 48V
Bateria 26.0Ah
Cor Preto/Branco
Bateria Lítio-ião
Pneu Pneumatic 10"
Ecrã LCD multifuncional colorido
48 V, 500 W, Ar, Trabalho, Longa autonomia, Peso alto, Nivel de especialista