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Joyor Electric Scooter

Joyor A5

Scooter Elétrica Joyor A5 possui suspensão dianteira e luz ambiente frontal, traseira e lateral alimentadas pelo ecrã LCD. Scooter Elétrica Joyor A5 é alimentada por um motor de 350W e tem autonomia de 30-35km com uma carga completa.



Joyor A5

Electric scooter Joyor A5 has a very modern cool design, is extra light, economic and fast. The foldable scooter Joyor A5 has front suspension and front, rear and side ambient lights powered by the LCD display. Scooter Joyor A5 is powered by a 350W motor and has a distance range of 30-35 km on one full charge. This electric scooter reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Moreover, the scooter has a very modern cool design and is extra light, economic and fast. Joyor A5 has an additional removable battery which gives it a 10km more distance range than the Joyor A3.


A Series for Street Fashion fans

It enters through the eyes and goes straight to the heart. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen, and you can’t stop looking at it without making that face of… Well, this is the feeling that reminds you of love at first sight.

Aesthetic minimalism. Curve lines finished with edges that stylize your silhouette. Elegance of the black combined with the color you like the most: pearl white, turquoise blue, sun yellow or passion red. And the side lights? – Well, the color that you prefer, you can customize them!

Not only does it offer aesthetics but also it is very practical, it is light, compact, clean, equipped with anti puncture wheels and has a range speed of up to 25 km.

Is there a better match for your outfit when you go out to the streets?

Get to know more about our A-Series here.


Main features

Attractive Design Unique design with side atmosphere lights, and a wide range of colors of scooters to choose from.

Puncture free tires Solid front and rear tires to avoid punctures.

Extra removable battery For the Joyor A5, you have the option to add an external battery to gain extra range.

Bluetooth Connection Connect your device to the scooter!

Sobre Scooter Elétrica Joyor A5

Motor 350W
Capacidade de Carga 120kg
Material Liga de magnésio
Velocidade 25km/h
Dimensões dobrada 1030*140*480mm
Peso 14kg
Autonomia 30-35km
Freios Eletrônico & Pedal
Conectividade de aplicativos Sim
Voltagem 36V
Bateria 7.8Ah +5.2Ah
Cor Preto/Branco/Azul/Vermelho/Amarelo
Bateria Íon de lítio
Pneu 8″ Solid Honeycomb
Ecrã LCD multifuncional


A-Series, 350 W, 36 V, Recreativo, Curta autonomia, Peso leve, Nível de entrada, Sólida, Comutação