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Joyor Electric Scooter

Joyor F1

Electric scooter Joyor F1 is Joyor’s lightest and most economical model, ideal to move around the city and suitable for public transport. A model for beginners in the world of electric scooters that is easy to handle and guarantees a safe and smooth ride.



Joyor F1

Joyor’s flagship product is undoubtedly the Joyor F1 model. A basic, but high-quality scooter, it has all the essentials; front suspension, rear drum brake, front and rear lights. Weighing only 12 kg, easy to carry, with a charging time of 4-5 hours and a range of 20 km. We also highlight its 8″ wheels, air front tire and solid rear tire, the LCD screen with USB port and its reduced folded size of 880×180×360 mm. And most importantly, it has a 350W DC Brushless motor and a 36V 7.8 Ah battery.This electric scooter reaches 25km/h (max speed recommended by most European regulations).


Model F1 & F3: Combine your journeys

7:00 on the screen… the alarm sounds. You open your eyes, get up, shower, dress and go out the door with your Joyor F1. In 5 mins you reach the bus, you fold the scooter, lift it up, and put it under the seat. 33 mins of journey more, and you head to a cafe. You greet someone, pick up your coffee and go to work 2 mins before the starting time. You got it! 18:05. You leave work, cross the city, enter the gym and keep it in the locker. You complete your routine, shower, change, unfold the scooter and go out for a drink. Friends, hugs, laughter, some toasts and until next Thursday. You get on your F1 and turn on the light to go back home without delays. 

Could you fit more in a day? 

Learn more about our F-Series here.


Main features

Light They are one of the lightest and most compact to facilitate your transport on a daily basis.

Easy to carry Easy and compact to fold.

Combine your journeys The F1 and F3 models are perfect for intensive urban use and for routes combined with public transport.

Wide range F Series models offer different autonomies, engine power and weight, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

About Joyor Electric Scooter F1

Standard Load Capacity120kg
MaterialAluminum alloy
Speed25km/h (limited)
Folded Dimension880x180x360mm
Brakes1 Brake
Standing Board Size16cm
Battery7.8 Ah
BatteryLithium ion
Tire Size 8” air front tire/solid rear tire
DashboardMultifunction LCD Dashboard
F-Series, 350 W, 36 V, Short range, Air & Solid, Light weight, Entry level, Recreational