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How well can Joyor Electric Scooter handle a hill?

For an average weighted person, Joyor Electric Scooter can take an uphill of 10-12 degree incline (~15% slope), which should be adequate for most streets/roads. For notorious uphills, riders can still kick scoot the electric scooter similarly to a standard kick scooter and propel themselves up the hill, it’s still faster than walking or biking. The more powerful the motor is the better the electric scooter handles hills. The heavier the scooter or/and the rider are, the more difficult it is for the scooter to go uphill. The bigger the wheels are the smoother the ride is and the less you feel the imperfections of the road. If you are going to ride uphill regularly, we recommend you to choose only among light and medium light models with 500W motor:

Joyor F5S+

Joyor X5S

Why so? Because you need a powerful motor to ensure a good uphill ride without your electric scooter slowing down but you also need a light vehicle. Joyor electric scooters Y series are powerful electric scooters with a 500W motor but the vehicles themselves are heavy and it slows them down when going uphill. If you are a very light rider below 65kg, then you can also consider models with 350W-400W motor:

Joyor F3

Joyor F5+

Joyor X1

If you are riding on bumpy roads a lot, then we recommend you to choose among big wheel models to ensure a smoother ride on a bumpy road:

Joyor X series

Joyor Y series