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Joyor electric scooter Spain patinete electrico Joyor España Serie A Series Modelo A3/A5 Model

Electric Scooter Joyor is a company founded in Barcelona and relatively new in the market, but in a short time, it has managed to conquer not only Spain and Europe, but also several other countries around the world.

Joyor Electric Scooter Model A3/A5

The main objective of Joyor is to offer users fast, resistant, solid, safe, and easy to drive and transport electric scooters, as the fundamental concept is the creation of fun and a unique experience.

We, from the company, are committed to a unique and innovative design that will not let anyone lose the child inside. Our models are attractive and adapted to the needs of each person. We want users to enjoy their journeys and never lose the excitement and the joy of a child!

Every day, Joyor’s team is trying to achieve and offer sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. We try to transmit our motivation and values and engage more and more people and more and more establishments that share our ideology, mission, and vision for a better future.

Currently, Joyor works with around 150 official distributors in Europe and independent resellers in other regions internationally.

We are present in countries of four continents.

  • Asia: South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia
  • North America: USA, Canada
  • South America: Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Peru
  • Europe: Romania, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Croatia, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia

Most of our distributors are located in Spain, as the community of Catalonia is the community with the most official distributors at the moment, among which are Decathlon Spain, BcnRider, 9transport, Urbanfun, Solorueda, EPTV, Badabici, Morato Centro Comercial, etc.

We also work with Altan Team OÜ from Estonia, ECONIC d.o.o from Slovenia, Urban Mobility, Citytrott La Rochelle and Citytrott Nantes in France, eJoy Electric in Slovakia, Electrocars from Lithuania, Huskeebike and Urbanpandas from Hungary.

Urbanpandas, apart from a shop, is a place to rent electric scooters, as 70% of its customers are from the Netherlands. This family business is currently in the process of launching tours with electric scooters in different cities. These tours will be the first in Budapest.

On the other hand, Electrocars has contributed to the evolution of electric mobility in Lithuania. The company was the first one to supply charging equipment for electric cars. Apart from repairing electric vehicles, the company offers a big variety of electric scooters and is constantly encouraging a lot of people to become a part of the electric community.

In addition, a large part of our distributors offers not only the sale of our electric scooters and accessories, but also a technical service. Our team is willing to answer any questions and solve any problem, regardless of the country and city where you are!

At this time, Joyor has 13 different models and 6 series of electric scooters, each of which is made up of different elements and is designed with different technical characteristics. Some are bigger and heavier, so they achieve greater speed and a bigger distance range. This allows the realization of longer trips, while others are smaller and less heavy so that they are easier to transport and could be part of all activities of the daily routine. Joyor believes in the importance of having fun and wants everyone to have fun, enjoy and let their inner child out.

Apart from electric scooters for adults, designed to facilitate and make everyday activities more comfortable, Joyor has created models for children, such as the Joyor H1 which is perfect for younger people. It is less heavy, informal and, above all, it is funnier and comes in several colours.

We know that in order to be the best, one must continue innovating and creating new trends and satisfy the needs of the users.

Therefore, every year our team attends several fairs and exhibitions around the world where we meet and make ourselves known to other companies and private clients. So, do not worry if we still have not established a physical store in your city, you can come to visit us and get to know our products and our team in person!

We hope to continue increasing the number of our distributors and, respectively, one of the users of Joyor Electric Scooter with the goal of making our family much bigger and sharing happiness and joy worldwide!

Joyor Electric Scooter is the company that drives the new electric mobility concept in Europe by bringing to the market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor is an electric and foldable scooter designed for personal transportation and leisure. Fast, durable, solid, safe and easy to ride, Joyor is designed in the Netherlands. With Joyor Scooter you can enjoy revolutionary transport made to offer a unique experience at an irresistible price.

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