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Home » Joyor G5: A sleek, lightweight electric scooter with a powerful motor and excellent autonomy

Joyor G5: A sleek, lightweight electric scooter with a powerful motor and excellent autonomy

If you are looking for a scooter that is comfortable, with good power, and aesthetically attractive, we invite you to know the Joyor G5 model that fulfills this and much more. This model is ideal for men and women looking to move around the city in a fast and comfortable way.

At Joyor we are always adapting our models to the different needs of the users, offering improvements and of course generating new functionalities to make your trip in a Joyor a more comfortable, dynamic, and safe experience in the city.

The G5 model comes loaded with new features that we tell you about in this article so that you know what the changes are and can see if it suits your tastes and needs. It is a perfect model for users who commute daily to their workplace.

The Joyor G5 model, in addition to a suspension very well integrated into the steering, has a double rear suspension. This feature, as we have told you in other articles, helps your driving on the scooter much smoother and when passing through bad pavements you can go equally comfortable. In addition, the G5 model has a 500 W motor.

If one of the issues that most concerns you when choosing an electric scooter is autonomy, this Joyor model has a range of autonomy between 45 and 55 km. The range of autonomy refers to the estimated kilometers you can travel on your Joyor G5 every time you charge your battery.

Other Joyor G5 features

The wheels of this model are 8.5 inches and incorporate inner tubes, which, like the double suspension, helps when going over bumps and makes your ride on the Joyor scooter much more comfortable and smooth. And you will feel the same comfort when braking thanks to the progressive drum brake on the rear wheel.

The Joyor G5 model weighs 17.8 kg and folds with a single click, making it easy to transport or store at home or under the desk at work.

The Joyor G5 electric scooter has the features that make it one of the favourites of users, combining an attractive and elegant design with the ideal power and weight to climb slopes and move around the city without problems.

At Joyor we not only care about the pure performance of our scooters, but we also make sure that they are suitable for each type of use. In terms of aesthetics, we treat the visual aspects with the same importance, and good proof of this is reflected in this model. The scooter G5 is aesthetically very attractive, with details in a metallic red that makes it elegant, simple, and suitable for all audiences.

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