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Hoverboards: Why the Hype?

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Hoverboards like electric scooters form part of electric sustainable mobility, which has more impact every day.

Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters, moved by an electric force, which have their motors inside each wheel. Even though their manoeuvring might be quite tricky, once controlled, hoverboards may even result in being a comfortable means of transportation for many people. The gyroscope and the acceleration sensor of these scooters make them move forward or backwards and change the direction.

Technical Features
The smaller size of the hoverboards limits the driver’s weight they can support. If electric scooters may load up to 120 kg, hoverboards may load only 90 kg and even less if you want to reach a higher speed.

When referring to their batteries, unlike the electric scooters’ ones, the batteries of the hoverboards consume energy when turning on and off. This means that its useful life may be shorter, and you won’t be able to enjoy long carefree rides.

The battery also determines the distance range of the vehicle. One of the hoverboards is between 10-20 km. Considering their wear, you should be careful if you decide to take a longer journey.

Speed is another important factor for every vehicle. Regarding the electric ones, in many European countries, there are speed limitations of 25 km/h. However, the maximum speed of hoverboards is 15 km/h which means you can enjoy their full potential.

It is important to know that the speed depends not only on the motor power but also on the terrain. Having in mind the design of the hoverboards and the high attention you should pay in order to balance, it is hard for them to be driven on bumpy roads or uphills. This limits the occasions and possibilities of riding them, especially if we use them for everyday activities. The unevenness of the road can make you lose your balance so that you can easily fall off.

Apart from the technical features of the hoverboards, we should pay special attention to their design. The style of these electric vehicles can be very attractive. Many manufacturers combine different colours and lights to make them even more dynamic. One of the latest features added to some models is the wireless speaker that allows the driver to play music while riding.

Independently of the vehicle, safety is always an important factor.

Riding with safety equipment is always recommendable and even an obligation for the riders in many countries. Hoverboards’ design and structure requires more attention and safety measures. Losing balance is easier and more dangerous when riding a hoverboard than riding an electric scooter. Manoeuvring is more limited, and every wrong remeasured move may cost the loss of the balance and result in an accident for the rider.

Overall, hoverboards are fun to use, and their attractive design will let you make an appearance wherever you go. They are a good option for people who need them for a short ride. However, it is important to take safety measures and pay extreme attention while riding them. On the other hand, for people who require a means of transportation with a bigger distance range, more power and more comfort, electric scooters are always a good option. The big variety of models and technical features gives the opportunity to everyone to become a part of the electric mobility movement.

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