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What Habits Should you Develop when Riding your Electric Scooter?

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Big cities are like a battlefield, where every user “fights” with his/her own means of transportation. Every day there are more and more different vehicles that must coexist on the roads, but in order to make this coexistence possible, users must develop certain road safety habits.

In order to circulate and be included in the traffic with the rest of the means of transportation, the users of electric scooters should develop various habits and should meet several requirements. In this way, users will avoid risks both for themselves and for pedestrians.

Here we list a few factors that will help you keep yourself and the rest of the vehicles safe and that should be taken into account when driving the electric scooter:

Electric Scooter Model

Each model has its own design and features and is adapted to meet specific needs, such as speed, distance range, safety, etc. These features emphasize and improve different aspects of the commute.

It is also very important that the choice of the model is based on the type of terrain of the trip and the weight of the user. In this manner, we will reduce any risk and increase the level of safety when driving.


Electric scooters are vehicles driven by the force of an electric motor, while the rest of the unsustainable means of transportation owe their mobility to an internal combustion engine. Although these vehicles move with an electric force, they continue to be classified as means of transportation, therefore, they cannot be driven on sidewalks and pedestrian areas.

On the other hand, being too small and without any “cover”, they do not guarantee full security for its users. Therefore, users of electric scooters should not drive in unsafe places such as highways, nor in restricted and unauthorized areas.

In big cities, the best option is to drive along the bike lane in order to avoid risks and accidents.

Weather conditions should also be taken into consideration when riding. Wet and slippery roads are dangerous and unpredictable.

Main Protection Standards

Apart from government regulations, electric scooter users themselves must apply and assume certain responsibilities for the proper use of electric scooters.

Like any other means of transportation, to ride the electric scooter, the user must have certain personal protective equipment, such as a helmet and protection for the knees and elbows. Reflective clothing is essential if users decide to drive at night. This is highly recommended for the users of electric scooters, in order to reduce the possibility of causing damage.

On the other hand, it is essential to know that the electric scooter is a means of transportation designed to be used only by one person. Therefore, users should not transport a second passenger.

The use of a mobile phone or headphones while driving is also not allowed, as it distracts the user and does not allow him to pay attention to the road.

Like any other transport vehicle, electric scooters should not be driven under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Traffic Regulations

According to regulations and limitations in many European countries, due to the large number of electric scooters circulating in the cities, electric scooters must be driven in bike lanes and never on sidewalks or restricted areas.

Apart from the permitted areas of driving, users must take into account and must respect traffic lights, traffic directions and traffic signs in order to facilitate driving and minimize risks both for themselves and for the rest of the vehicles and the pedestrians.

The latest regulations have determined that the users of electric scooters are obligated to show circulation certificates which indicates the technical specifications of the model. These specifications and features must be according to governmental legislation and restrictions.

At first glance, these requirements seem innumerable and impossible to fulfil, but they are the key if you want to enjoy your electric scooter for a long time. By fulfilling these requirements, you guarantee a long lifespan to your scooter and reduce your worries and risks when driving it.

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