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Electric Scooters & Hollywood

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Over the years, the film industry and more specifically, the different movies and series have foreseen and created the idea for many new inventions, which have managed to mark many new trends.

Hollywood and its trends

The futuristic vision of many of the movies has created an idea of ​​the world beyond what we have or, even, we can imagine. We have seen huge cities floating in space, flying cars, spaceships that cross galaxies in less than a second, animals, and inhabitants of other planets and all this made us open our minds in order to start using our imagination.

With each day we are less surprised to see some kind of animal or some extraterrestrial creature, and futuristic cars and spaceships are already considered something completely normal.

Years ago, when many movies were based on the so-called “fantastic” genre, we began to see new devices and new ways of living that have been introduced over the years. These movies have served as oracles that predict the future and have given us an explicit and very accurate version of how our lives will change.

From another point of view, we can think that without these movies, our lives would never be the same. This means that perhaps our future never had to be as it has become. Many companies were inspired and began to create these objects and devices so different and innovative that they have been conquering our daily routines, being part of all our activities.

Anyway, regardless of what our interpretation is, we cannot deny that Hollywood and cinema have changed our lives and generated many ideas and many new concepts.

Hollywood and the advertising

Apart from the fantastic genre, many movies serve as a platform for the expression of ideas, situations, and cases at first sight considered impossible and also as a platform for advertising and branded content. We are used to seeing beautiful cars full of devices and luxuries in many movies that sooner or later come out in the market and excite us.

Hollywood and the electric scooters

Oddly enough, the same goes for the electric scooters.

The idea of ​​electric scooters was issued several years ago, as their functions and technical characteristics have been developed and improved over time.

Can we say that the current image of electric scooters has been created in the movies and the series?

Believe it or not, electric scooters have appeared in several movies and series.

Electric scooter and The Flash

The first most notable appearance is in the television series “The Flash” in the years 1990-1991, where the Badsey electric scooter has been used by police officers to prosecute criminals in the city.

The appearance and technical characteristics of the electric scooter have been valued as very useful when it comes to reaching small places and narrow streets where the typical police car fails to enter. In this way, when the criminals began to run among the small streets, the police officers managed to follow and arrest them.

Today, electric scooters gain more followers every single day and there are already many users worldwide. They have also recently begun to be used by police officers.

We cannot be sure if the idea has arisen due to the movies or the series of the 90s, or simply because of the great utility that electric scooters have. In any case, we cannot deny the importance and influence of Hollywood in every aspect of our lives.

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