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Electric Scooters: Better than the Tourist Guides

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With the advances of technologies, our opportunities are also advancing. The electric scooter is no longer a trend, it is a full-fledged means of transport. The number of users increases with each day, and more and more people join the movement towards a better future.

All types of industries are affected by technological changes, and they all take advantage of their usefulness in order to improve their activities.

The tourism sector is one of the most changing due to the great multitude of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and tourists.

Technology has introduced electronic systems such as audio guides or applications such as Google Maps that allow you to get anywhere without any problem.

In this same aspect, the electric scooter can be and is already being introduced as part of tourism.

The electric scooter and tourism became the perfect combination. It is very difficult to visit all the sights in a big city in just 2 days, having to use public transport. But riding an electric scooter totally changes the experience.

Here we leave you the advantages and disadvantages of touring on an electric scooter:


Equipped with your electric scooter, Google Maps and an audio guide, you have the opportunity to visit many more places, to enjoy long meals and dinners without having to run to the next place in order to fulfil the schedule.

In many cities, even electric scooter tours are organized that gives tourists the opportunity to visit all the places of interest and at the same time take a “walk” outdoors.

Some of our official distributors such as Barcelona VIP Renting, Urbanpandas, UrbanApe organize such tours for users.

In addition, you can organize your trip alone, without having to depend on groups and tourist guides that limit your time for visiting the sights or warn you that they give you one hour to eat because after that you will have to get on the bus and get to the next place.

Having an electric scooter makes you be your own boss. You decide when you are going to visit some place, how long you are going to stay there if you are going to go to another specific place, or you will only have a walk … it all depends on you.


The only drawbacks that could arise when touring on an electric scooter, have to do with the recommendations and mobility requirements in the different cities.

Many of the restrictions are applied regarding the speed or the number of participants in the tour.

Anyway, the electric scooter is a huge comfort when it comes to sightseeing. Following the recommendations for use and driving in the cities, one can make the trip of a lifetime without having to depend on anyone.

Joyor Electric Scooter is the company that drives the new electric mobility concept in Europe by bringing to the market the widest range of electric scooters for any taste or need. Joyor is an electric and foldable scooter designed for personal transportation and leisure. Fast, durable, solid, safe and easy to ride, Joyor is designed in the Netherlands. With Joyor Scooter you can enjoy revolutionary transport made to offer a unique experience at an irresistible price.

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