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Commuting During COVID-19: What are Your Best Options?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of most people around the world. Until a vaccine is developed, the risk of catching the virus remains considerably high even when wearing the proper protection.

This has made those who take public transportation think twice about how they are going to get to work, go shopping, or visit family and friends using the bus or subway.

There are alternatives to public transportation available. This article has been created by Electric Scooter Critic to provide you with more information on how to travel safely during the pandemic.


Taking your car or truck to work by yourself is certainly safe, but arguably not an option for those who cannot afford or have nowhere to keep a vehicle. The advantages to using your vehicle start with being able to isolate yourself inside when you drive. This means that the chances of you catching the virus are virtually zero.

However, the disadvantages are considerable, especially if you cannot afford a vehicle. Plus, you may not have the parking space at your residence or near enough to your place of work. This means that you need to look for alternatives if a vehicle is not a practical option.


The old-fashioned commuting bicycle is a tried-and-true transportation alternative. It’s relatively low in cost compared to most other means of transportation, does not require any fuel, and is a great way to get into shape without putting lots of pressure on your feet, knees, or hips.

The downside starts with not having the option to carry large items that you might take with you on a bus or subway. Plus, travelling along the city streets can be hazardous depending on the traffic. But for those who live more than a few miles away, a bicycle may not be a practical option.


This is a popular option that allows for faster transportation to work while minimizing the chances of catching the virus. Carpooling is popular because it reduces the cost of travel while getting you there faster in most cases than going by bus or subway. Plus, you can carry larger items with you that might be impractical on a bicycle or electric scooter.

Although the chances of catching COVID-19 are reduced, you are still in proximity to at least one other person. And, there is the inconvenience of having to pick up other people, even if you are all travelling to the same destination.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have become more prominent in recent years thanks to advances in technology. They do not burn fuel, some of them have a bit of space to carry some items, and they are smaller than bicycles, so it is easier to manoeuvre. With electric scooters, you can enjoy the advantages of added manoeuvrability to get you through traffic.

The prices of electric scooters can vary based on their technical characteristics. Also, in some countries, cities, or states, there are speed regulations (In this article you can find more information about the regulations and the restrictions) that you should know well before hitting the road. Anyhow, with an electric scooter you are travelling alone, which means the chances of catching the virus are virtually zero.

As you can see, any type of transportation you take will have its advantages and disadvantages. The best decision you can make is to account for your situation and find the best solution that fits your needs.

This article was prepared by Electric Scooter Critic.

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