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Joyor Electric Scooter

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Scooters Elétricas Joyor

Escolha a sua trotinete elétrica entre 15 modelos diferentes de acordo com a sua experiência, tipo de utilização, tamanho e gosto.

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Joyor offers 14 models of electric scooters for all kinds of people. From a light electric scooter (or a cheap electric scooter) for those who are just starting out, going through what may be the best quality-price electric scooter for those who are watching their pocket, to a powerful electric scooter for delivery or an off-road electric scooter for the most sporty.

If you are just starting out and are looking for a reliable and affordable electric scooter, the Joyor scooters F1, F3 and A3 are the most representative of the segment of entry-level or cheap electric scooters. Moreover, if you like fashion, you can choose your electric scooter in red, blue, yellow, green or pink, perfect as a complement!

Mid-range electric scooters offer you the opportunity to find the best quality-price scooter. Here you will find your electric scooter for adults with powers of up to 500W, ranges between 30 to 60 km and the safety and comfort of this kind of electric scooter. You can also choose the color, a white electric scooter or in matte black.

Choose your powerful electric scooter among different models: the Joyor S10-S, an all-terrain electric scooter; the Joyor S5, an electric scooter with big wheels or the Y10, an electric scooter for Riders. Motors from 500W and up to a 2000W electric scooter. Go further, in the city and in the mountains.

Before buying an electric scooter

We recommend reading some FAQs to consider before buying an electric scooter. And remember, the best electric scooters are the ones that best suit your lifestyle.

What is the cost of a good electric scooter?

The price of a scooter depends mainly on the motor and the battery that it equips. However, the most important thing when buying a scooter is the use that each owner expects (access range, mid range or high range electric scooters) and their personal preferences.


The cheapest scooters of 350 W start around 350 or 400 euros with autonomy between 20 and 35 km and end around 550 or 600 euros for the best equipped and with autonomy that can reach up to 50 km. Scooters of 250 W are usually already too limited for an average user.


Mid range electric scooters can be between €650 and €900. They offer power between 400 and 500 W, which makes them very versatile for any use, type of driver and unevenness. Normally they already have batteries that provide autonomy between 40 and 55 km and their level of equipment in brakes and suspensions is at a higher level than the access ranges.


High range electric scooters are scooters that respond to specific uses, with prices that exceed €900. They have autonomies that can range from 70 to 100 km and engine powers of more than 500 W and even 1000 W per engine.

What is mandatory with electric scooters?

The Regulations on the circulation of electric scooters and VMP (personal mobility vehicles) in Spain outline some generic lines that can be seen complemented by the different local regulations that govern each country. According to the General Directorate of Traffic in Spain (DGT), the specific general regulations:


Areas of use of the electric scooter:

- It is prohibited for the VMP to go on sidewalks, pedestrian areas, crossings, highways, interurban roads or tunnels in urban areas.

- The routes authorized to circulate will be indicated by the country ordinance. If there were not, circulation would be allowed on any urban road.


Characteristics of electric scooters:

- They must comply with the DGT Personal Mobility Vehicle Characteristics Manual.

- The speed of these vehicles must be between 6 and 25 km/h.

- Electric scooters cannot equip a seat or saddle.


- The minimum age in Spain to ride an electric scooter is 16 years, The minimum age may vary in each country.

- The circulation in a scooter only allows a single passenger per scooter. Circulating two or more people on a scooter is prohibited.

- You cannot wear headphones, or use the mobile phone or any other device while driving.

- The Traffic Law establishes the obligation for VMP drivers to wear a protective helmet, although it is working on this regulatory development jointly with the municipalities and the actors involved. It will depend on the municipal regulations of the town where it is circulated.

- The same maximum alcohol rates allowed by the Road Safety Law apply, as well as the prohibition of driving with the presence of drugs in the body.

What is needed to be able to drive an electric scooter?

In Spain what is needed is:

- Be 16 years old or older

- Wear a helmet and the recommendation of suitable clothing

- Comply with the traffic regulations of the regulatory body and of the municipality where you circulate.

Check the regulations in your country.

What lifespan does an electric scooter have?

The lifespan of a scooter can vary depending on the brand, the range of the electric scooter (high, medium or low), the intensity of use (number of km travelled), the type of journey (long or short, degree of inclination of the road, type of pavement), the weight of the user, the treatment of the scooter and the loading cycles, periodic maintenance and preventive eye checks before riding. 


A mid-range scooter can perfectly last 2 or 3 years and if the revisions are carried out and the wear elements are replaced before producing critical errors, several more years and miles of km.

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